Another guide to Making your own country

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Another guide to Making your own country

By using this guide to create your own country, you won't need to edit or mod anything in your original victoria game.

First you should select a small country, that can be used to give independence to a larger country. I. ex Krakow, or Belgium. Krakow can be turned into Poland, and Belgium into Flanders and Wallonia.

This is the critical point where you have to ensure you have bought or got hand on some other country's land, before doing the above. If not, the game will end at this point. If you have done rigth, your nation's capital city will now be moved to a random province chosen from those provinces you currently "occupy".

I.ex Krakow can be moved from the province of Krakow to somewhere in south America if you'd like. Just remember to buy, or gain some land before giving independence to the other countries (those who are going to inherit your realms)

The only letdowns are that you 1. can't change the name of your country without editing some victoria files, and 2. that it doesn't work with all countries in the world.

This means that in order for this "mod" to work your current capital city has to be part of the new nation which you have to give independence.