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Flag of Austria
Flag of Austia-Hungary

The Habsburg Dynasty having ruled for centuries are in a strong but vulnerable position, good armies, large population, weak neighbours to the east and west, and a compact industrial base with the potential for later expansion.

Austria poses quite a number of problems for a player, its ethnically diverse population have nationalist ambitions, its large northern neighbour is determined to prevent eastward expansion and the small but powerful nation to the North West is challenging her position in the German principalities.

Italy to the west is divided and potential a good place to grab extra provinces, but this carries a very real risk of war with France.

Alone amongst the First Rank Powers Austria lacks any long term option to expand without conflict, good well trained armies are a must to succeed.

Austria will require a lot of WM dabbling and messing with pops, but thanks to it's multi-ethnic populace this will prevent a lot of pop merging.


  • The first challenge you have to tackle are revolutions caused by minorities, the Göttingen Professors(1837), the Liberal Revolution(1845-), the Galizian Rebellion(1846) and the Archduchess Sophia's Counter-Revolution(1848-1851).
  • The Liberal Revolution can be avoided by enacting free press or allowing trade unions (this can be done whilst remaining as a monarchy thus ensuring you don't trigger the counter-revolution).
  • (VIP Only) Austria has a multitude of new events which raise the militancy of your pops. Furthermore, if the Liberal Revolution occurs in VIP, it triggers a series of events for the Hungarian and Italian revolutions.

Early economic management

  • Creating a budget surplus with Austria at the beginning of the game is fairly easy. The standard formula of 0% naval maintenance, 0% to 50% crime fighting, 100% education, 49.22% taxes on each class, 100% tariffs and 0% defense spending works well.
  • Steel, lumber and regular clothes factories would be considered good starting industries moving up to luxury and steamer factories as time goes by.
  • One important aspect to consider whilst playing as Austria is its diverse pop base. There are four state cultures - South German, Hungarian, Slovene, and Czech. When building factories in provinces with high concentrations of non-state culture pops, try to convert them to craftsmen and convert state culture pops to clerks. This allows you to maximise your research point accquistion. Examples of where you can do this are Slovakia (60% Slovak, 30% Hungarian), Temesvar (70% Romanian, 15% South German, 10% Hungarian) and Siebenburgen(60% Romanian, 25% South German, 15% Hungarian).
  • (VIP Only) The VIP modification creates Austria with only one state culture - South German. This reduces Austria's capabilities significantly as it reduces the bonuses on a large percentage of your population whom are non-South German (such as effeciency in factories). There is an advantage to this as however; having only the South German culture makes it easier to increase your research point accquistion. Due to Victoria calculating research point accquistion only on the pops which belong to your state culture(s), you can convert a large amount of South German pops to clerks or clergymen as opposed to having to convert South German, Hungarian, Slovene and Czech pops in the same percentage to achieve the same result.
  • Researching commercial techs at the beginning of the game can be helpful for increasing your budget surplus, but it may often lead to you failing behind in military tech - an important research stream when playing as Austria or cultral tech - for when you are planning on researching cultral techs first to recieve the bonus. If you are having difficulty generating enough money, consider trading off some tech development for commercial techs, but be aware of the possible consequences.
  • Naval technology can mostly be ignored when playing as Austria as most of your action will usually be located in your immediate area with little overseas engagement.
  • When converting pops to craftsmen, clerks or capitalists in key resource RGO's, be careful not too convert too many (Bohemia is a good example). Although the world market may be able to provide you with some of your required resources, they may inventually dry up and you will be left with redundant factories. Securing coal and iron provinces in China may after time provide you with the required materials however.

Germany and the Double Monarchy

Assuming the game has followed a some what historical path and Prussia still exists and has not become Germany via a process other than the Three Hurrays for the German Empire (triggered by Prussia occupying Paris any time after 1869), a Prussian event in 1866 has two choices "Force Austria to accept Prussian Leadership" and "Accept undecided power balance in Germany". The majority of the time, Prussia will go with the former giving you the choice of contesting Prussia or accepting their rule in Germany. If Prussia chooses undecided power balance, the event chain is finished. If however they force Austria to accept their leadership, and you contest it (these are the historical choices) will become involved in a war with Prussia. If you win the conflict, Prussia will be stunted. If you lose the conflict (the historical result) you will have the option of becoming the dual-monarchy Austria-Hungary. This only results in you getting a new flag if you accept (see the flag at the top of the page on the right) or increasing the militancy of your Hungarian pops.

Defeating Prussia is relatively easy and becoming Austria-Hungary provides no benefit. Thus, from a purely strategic point of view, the Double Monarchy is a waste of time. However, some players deliberately lose this conflict to help Prussia eventually become Germany, keep the game more historically correct and recieve the spiffy new name and flag.

  • (VIP Only) Prussia's ability to win this conflict are a lot higher. Furthermore, losing this conflict to become the dual monarchy provides a significant bonus - the acceptance of Hungarian as a state culture. As a sizable proportion of your population is Hungarian so losing this war may even be preferable to winning it.



  • Moldavia and Wallachia are annexable in one war (three or less provinces) however, they start as satellites of the Ottoman Turks thus declaring war on them will most likely ensure a conflict with Turkey. Each start with a population of roughly one million pops which is a fair amount. Further more, provinces in both countries event unveil oil resources which can be useful in the later game.
  • (VIP Only) Wallachia and Moldavia start as satellite countries of Turkey without an alliance making the act of war significantly easier allowing you to attack and annex them immediately without additional forces to your initial allocation of troops.
  • Serbia, like Moldavia and Wallachia, consists of three provinces for easy annexation and is a satellite of Turkey. It has a smaller population (250,000) and one coal province but still worth annexing. Additional care needs to be taken when declaring war on Serbia as they tend to be allied and/or have their independence guaranteed by their big brother Russia.
  • (VIP Only) Serbia immediately loses their alliance with Turkey, as is the same for Moldavia and Wallachia, also making them easier to attack immediately(caution must still be taken when checking Russian guarentees). Later on during the game, Serbia plays a key part in instigating a war between Russia and Turkey which may result in Austria being able to accquire Bosnia from Turkey without effort. This should be considered if you are planning on annexing Serbia before 1877.
  • Montenegro is the final Balkan country open for easy annexation. Consisting of just one province without a useful resource and a small population makes this country not very valuable but still open for consideration. It is fully independent but is prone to being friendly to Russia in a similiar manor to Serbia. The Turkish AI seems eager to annex this nation so it may be worth invading quickly while you are gearing up to take its larger balkan counterparts.


  • Italy is fractured into a series of small states making them easy to annex. The Italian states contain a modest amounts of pops will be able to supply you with a large amount of industrial capacity as time progresses. As you have no starting claims on the exists Italian states, a high amount of badboy will be acquired which will need to be monitored to prevent an outbreak of badboy wars.
  • Sardinia starts allied to some of the other Italian states, but care needs to be taken to make sure they do not have their independence guaranteed or are in an alliance with the French as they tend to be quite friendly.
  • Lucca and the Two Sicilies start allied to France and Spain. If you wish to become involved in a war with these nations whilst avoiding a war with France or Spain, declare war on one of the other Italian states and hope that they honor their alliance.
  • Parma, Modena, Tuscany and the Papal States start only allied to the other Italian which makes them prime targets for your actual declaration of war.


  • Rarely in an alliance with any other nation, but often has its independence guaranteed. Switzerland provides a small amount of pops and some useful resource provinces. The largest problem with taking Swiss provinces is the possibility to develop a direct land border with France. This can often to lead to many conflicts with France.

German states

  • With the revolutions which plague Austria and Germany in the 1840's, often minor German states have their governments overthrown resulting in them leaving the grand German alliance system. With many of the states containing South German pops, their value significantly increases. Additionally, many of the German states have useful resources such as coal, iron and timber. Saxony would be a good example - its government is often overthrown making it an open target for Austria, filled only with South German pops and containing 2 coal and 1 iron provinces. If you wish to pursue a major war with the German states without Prussian interference, you can declare war on one of the German states which has an alliance with Prussia - excluding Austria. Declaring war on one of these nations will draw many of the other German states into the conflict but leave Prussia out.


  • Any uncivilized nation is always a good choice for expansion. Korea and Siam are often good remaining choices once you are prepared for establishing a colonial empire as they both contain useful resources and have a fair amount of pops for manpower reserves.

Colonial Claim Colonies

  • If you have the available resources, establishing your own colonies can be useful - especially at the beginning of the game - for providing an outlet for your militant pops to emigrate to. You will have to be quick as most possible claim sites are taken fairly fast.
  • (VIP Only) Austria has penalties on the time which it can begin colonizing effectively ensuring that you will miss out on the chance of developing any of your own colonies.

Conditions For Victory

For a game on Very Difficult setting

  • Due to Austria's initial position, finishing in first place would probably be considered "winning"
  • Industrial Rating - around 10,000. The USA will be your main competitor here usally achieving a rating just shy of 10,000. Large level factories and good use of capitalists will be the key to matching the USA.
  • Prestige - around 5000. Prussia/Germany is the competitor. Lack of prestige can be made up for with a larger industrial rating. Further more, as Austria has a slow start to the tech race, many of the rewards for cultral inventions will be taken by the time you accquire them.
  • Military Rating - The UK is the target often reaching levels of around 700. If you increase you reserves regularly, they can be used to significantly to help your military rating even if you never mobilise them. Be sure to use colonial pops for your troops as the bulk of your national pops should be in factories.


Intervention in the Belgian Conflict (1836)

Triggered by the Netherlands refusing Belgium independence

  • You will have three options: remaining neutral, joining the war on the side of Belgium or joining the war on the side of the Netherlands. France, Prussia and the UK will all be given the same options so if joining the conflict, be careful as you may end up in a conflict with either of the three previously mentioned nations.

Popular Unification of Germany(1836-1851)

Triggered by all German states (including Austria) having a government other than a monarchy

  • The minor German states do not need any more conditions to join Germany. Austria has two additional requirements: not being at war with Prussia/Germany and Hungary must exist. Hungary would usually be in existence from poor management of rebels and letting them hold Hungarian provinces for too long, however, you may also release it yourself when playing as Austria. You have the choice to be annexed by Germany (game over) or refuse(which has no consequences). The main purpose for this event is to allow the player to annex Austria when playing as Prussia/Germany.
    • (VIP Only) This event is slighlty modified in VIP (Darkrenown's Fixes) so that it actually works and when Austria is annexed, many of its provinces are taken by other countries, not all by Germany. This will have little effect if you are playing as Austria(unless for some bizarre reason you want to be annexed).

Göttingen Professors(1837)

Triggered by Hannover depending on their choice

  • The Göttingen Professors event is beyond your control. You may be lucky with Hannover choosing the non-historical option, but the majority of the time, they will chose the option which raises militancy among your pops.
Göttingen Professors dismissed in Hanover
  • Militancy and consciousness for capitalists, clerks and crafts men +3
Göttingen Professors advice heeded in Hanover
  • Militancy for capitalists, clerks and crafts men -1, consciousness +3

The 2nd Oriental Crisis(1838)

Triggered by the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and Egypt escalating to war

  • The choice of three responses will be available: entering into an alliance with the Ottomans (this will not result in Austria actually entering the war unless another power declares war on the Ottomans), supporting the Ottomans and improving your relationship +100, or declaring neutrality causing a -50 change in your relations. This event can be used to your advantage depending on what plans you have for the Ottoman Empire in the immediate timeframe. The UK and Prussia also receive this event. France receives a separate event with the option of supporting Egypt.
    • (VIP Only) This event and the entire event sequence has been replaced.
Give Military Guarantee to the Ottomans
  • Enter into a military alliance with the Ottomans and improve relations by +200
Give Full Diplomatic Support to the Ottomans
  • Improve relations by +100
Declare neutrality in this conflict
  • Decrease relations by -50

Sonderbund Rebellion(1845-)

Triggered by Switzerland fighting its Catholic population

Intervene on the behalf of the Catholics
  • Will start a war between Austria and Switzerland. Furthermore, an event will be triggered for the UK in which they may threaten you with war. If choosing this option, be prepared to fight Switzerland and the UK.
Accept a settlement
  • Will increase Austria's relationship with Switzerland +50 and avoid any wars.

Galizian Rebellion(1846)

  • This event really should be a no brainer. With militancy already high in Austria, and the small price to pay off the rebels, the option you should select is a forgone conclusion
Strike them down
  • +10 prestige, militancy for all Slovak and Polish pops +3
Pay them off
  • -25 prestige, militancy for all Slovak and Polish pops +1

The Slesvig Question(1847-1860)

Triggered by Denmark claiming Slesvig is a part of Denmark

  • 1848 tends to signify the start of the revolutions so be sure to leave some troops in Austria if you decide to attack Denmark. Additionally, Denmark may have support from Sweden giving them a decent amount of troops,but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. The AI tends to block the straights you need to cross to get to Copenhagen so often your warscore won't get too high. Despite losing 50 prestige for backing down, declaring war to save prestige will not work as most likely you while lose more than 50 prestige declaring war on Denmark.
Go to War over Slesvig
  • Declare war on Denmark, gain +10 prestige.
Back down
  • Lose -50 prestige.

The Hungarian Republic(1848-1850)

Triggered by rebels occupying Pest-Buda

  • Hungary gains independence, your flag changes to the Austria Republic flag(red,white,red stripes with an eagle in the middle), and all Hungarian pops in your nation receive -2 militancy and consciousness.
    • (VIP Only) This event has been removed and replaced with a more complex Hungarian revolution event sequence.

Archduchess Sophie and the Counterrevolution(1848-1851)

Triggered by not being a monarchy

  • There are two variants of the counter-revolution; a failed counter-revolution and a successful counter-revolution. Both result in a significant increase in your pops militancy. If the counter-revolution is successful, your government type will change to a monarchy and a reactionary party will gain power. Finally, you'll receive five infantry divisions in Vienna. If the counter-revolution fails, your army will defect to the rebels but your government will remain intact. Avoiding the counter-revolution is solved by existing as a monarchy until January 1 1852. This is hard to achieve as you start as a constitutional monarchy implying that the only way to stop this revolution is by having one. The counter-revolution has a 1% chance of occurring each day from 1848 until the end of 1851.
    • (VIP Only) Austria starts as monarchy, not a constitutional monarchy, making it easy to prevent the counter-revolution and change to a democracy after 1851.

The Crimean War(1853-1860)

Triggered by Russia deciding to commence the Crimean War

  • Russia will not start the Crimean War if during the 1853-1860 time period they are involved in a non-scripted war with the Ottomans, are in an alliance with the Ottomans, control the Ottoman Empire as a satellite, have a peace agreement with them or have triggered the Tsar of All Slavs event. Further more, when the Crimean War event sequence is triggered, Austria can not be at war with either Russia or Turkey, be in an alliance with Russia or be a satellite of Russia. This event can be very helpful for grabbing land from Russia if other countries join the Crimean War. It is possible to have the Ottomans, the French, the Sardinians, the British, the Swedes, the Prussians and Austria all fighting Russia. This gives you the opportunity for a quick land grab as Russia is enveloped. Be careful not to get caught out alone in a war with Russia or you may find yourself having a difficult time.
Let us be Neutral
  • Decreases relations with Russia by -50, improves relations with the UK by +100 and France +50
Declare War on Russia
  • Declare war on Russia and decrease your relations with them by -200

The Italian Question(1857)

  • If France decides to help Sardinia, the Papal States or the Two Sicilies unify Italy and Austria still owns its Italian provinces, you will be given the option of declaring war on the relevant Italian state who will be allied to France. Whether you decide to intervene comes down to a decision of whether or not you wish to see Italy exist. If Italy has been created when the war with Prussia over the control of Germany starts, the Italians may ally with the Prussians and attack you to seize your Italian provinces.
  • (VIP Only) You will be given the option of seceding your Italian provinces to Sardinia or fighting to prevent that occurring. Keeping Italy from forming in VIP is significantly harder than vanilla Victoria. Fighting and losing will result in you losing less provinces than just abstaining from conflict.
  • Declare war on the relevant Italian state.
Stay Out
  • Lose -20 prestige

Partial Unification of Germany(1862-)

Triggered by Prussia developing the Zollverein. This is a series of four events

  • Bavaria and the south German states may develop into the SGF if Prussia defeats Austria in a war anytime after 1861, creates the North German Federation, chooses to try and develop the Zollverein further and as Austria you try to counter it. If successful, Bavaria will accept your offer to counter and turn into the SGF which you then may be able to satellite. If Prussia wins the Franco-Prussian war and triggers the Three Hurrays for the German Empire event, there is a chance that Germany may annex the SGF.

The Seven Weeks War (1871)

(VIP Only) Triggered by quickly overrunning Prussia in the war over German leadership

  • War ends
  • Silesia is considered national provinces
  • +35 Prestige

The Empire choice (1871)

(VIP Only) Triggered by Seven Weeks War

Become a German empire!
  • Annexation of the South German states
  • Badboy + 15
  • Militancy for Hungarian +4
  • May trigger Franco - Austrian War
Make the South German states our satellites
  • All south german nations become satellites (except Frankfurt am Main - bug?)
Form the SGF
  • Creates an independent South German Federation, Trigger for Franco - Austrian War

The Franco - Austrian War

Triggered by French opposition against Austrian leadership in Germany

  • War with France ends
  • +100 Prestige
  • Triggers Fall of France

The German-Danish Crisis(1863-1870)

  • The same as the Slevig Question,
Go to War over Slesvig
Back down

European Intervention in Mexico (1863-)

Triggered by Mexico not paying back debts

  • Avoids a war with Mexico and increases relations with them +100
  • Initiates a war with Mexico which may result in Austria satelliting Mexico

The Emperor of Mexico (1863-)

Triggered by occupying Mexico City after choosing to intervene in European Intervention in Mexico

Install Maximilian I
  • Turns Mexico into an Austria satellite nation.

Boxer Rebellion(1899)

Triggered by China not doing putting down the Boxer Rebellion

  • Eight other countries receive this event: Prussia, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, USA, CSA, and the UK. There is a fifty-fifty chance(assuming they are controlled by the AI) that the other countries will also declare war on China. If many countries join in, it can quickly descend into a land grab for whats left of China. Be careful however; there is an event which may civilize China (if it hasn't on its own accord) at the beginning of 1899 making invading it not so much fun and acquiring land significantly harder.
Declare War on China!
  • Declare war on China
Stay out of this
  • Decreases your prestige by -1