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Here you can find mods whose primary purpose is to fix bugs found in Victoria. Why wait for a patch?

Education Modifier Fix

Fixes the education modifier so that it actually does something now.

American Civil War Mod

Fixes Reconstruction so it actually fires as well as some other bugs.

Falconhurst's Grand Campaign Mobilization and German Popular Unification Bugfixes

A mod that addresses the mobilization bug and problems with popular unification.

Darkrenown's All in one mod

German unification mod plus all DR's bug fix mods.

Rafiki's Provincename Disambiguation Mod

Adds codes to uniquely identify provincenames that have been duplicated/triplicated.

The Help-Message Mod

A mod that changes/adds to the help-messages you get when you start the game.

Strategists MP annex-bug fix

Fixes the problem in 1.03c when annexing countries that are part of alliances.