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Originally posted at the paradox forums by cookie monster

Capitalists. Not just a fat cat!!

First of all what's a Capitalists.gif Capitalist?

Why they're the fat cats who sit in the office all day. However they do improve factory efficiency by a large amount as will be demonstrated. These guys with full industrial/commerce tech and railroads can yield up to 50% greater factory output for no more inputs. Capitalist Production Enhancement Lowdown

However once converted they can be a burden upon society! Due to the POP Income Formulae they take 4 times the income of a poor POP. Initially with low tech they steal from the poor and provide so little in return.

However we have a friend the tax slider! :D OUR PRECIOUS!! Mwaaaaaahhhh.

Upon the invention State and Government being discovered the player has a choice. Should I choose Meritocracy or Aristocracy. In short Meritocracy is better for the smaller countries as inventions can fire which improve Capitalist bonus and decrease Aristocratic bonuses and Diplomatic Influence. In general under Meritocracy 333,000 Capitalists are required to hit the Capitalist bonus limit per state (as per V1.03C limits). Under Aristocracy, generally 500,000 Capitalists per state are required (although efficiency-reducing events might increase this to 1,000,000.)

Obviously this raises a question. Should I build factories in lots of states due to widespread pops? Or should I POP migrate for Capitalist concentration? Well reader that's your decision.

So now for the demonstration.


Here we have the good ol' US of A. Game is VIP 0.4 with LM+ AI Assistance Mod. Which basically gives the AI bonuses to RGO output due to too much industrialistion and POP growth modifiers. Level is VH/Normal and apart from an uncalled for Mexico war USA has been peaceful. Life is good with a huge population and £95 million in the bank. All techs are researched and we are No1 overall.

However the Socialist Government dismayed at the Capitalists breeding like mice brings them back down to size. Generalpolicyoverview.jpg

No free ride with the Socialists!! Capitalists over 333,000 per state are useless. However the purge was complete. We have no capitalists.

An explanation of the other settings.

85% Poor tax so my Craftsmen who are unemployed leave town and head for the three industrialised states. They still have 100% Life necessary goods though.

100% Rich tax. Death to the Capitalist Pig Dogs!

Education maintained at 50% so as to keep 100% Literacy rate and therefore full factory efficiency.

Social spending always minimum to get the + CON modifier for lack of trust in government.

Defence spending for Prestige.

Tariffs. Death to the Capitalist Pig Dogs! :rofl:

Socialists are in power by poor tax manipulation. Raising the tax just before the election starving the poor into ideology change. The other alternatives do not assimiliate immigrants so well and full citisenship would assimiliate too many of my Chinese/Russian Craftsmen thereby decreasing my available POPs in factories.


Above we can see the long policy of only industrialising 3 states. Only miners generally remain in the RGO's.

At the moment the USA is number 1 in the rankings.


But our export income is too close to the UK.


There is still room for improvement with our factories.


Due to the well balanced VIP economy there is a large market for our luxury goods. Resourceoverview.jpg

Imports are extremely high.


This could be halved with a Laissez-Faire Government however this doesn't fit in with our current immigration policy, perhaps for the last few years of the game.

First people to be converted are all the immigrants. We don't waste our national pops on this as we get the same bonus only without the small research benefit.


We repeat this till 333,000 Capitalists are converted in the 3 industrialised states.

And here's the results.


Industrial Power has increased by 9000 points.


Cash per day an increase of £11,000.


Export by £8000 per day.


Lots more profit from the factories.


And an eventual increase in goods demand once the POPs regain some cash reserves.

If anyone wants to browse the save game is here Any comments,criticism,additions etc welcome.

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