Darkrenown's German unification mod

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Download it here
VIP 0.2B version

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What does this mod do?

Currently version 0.7

Non-VIP mod contains:

New events for Italy joining Prussia in the Franco-Prussian war.

New events for Austria winning the leadership in garmany war and later events where they can proclaim a german empire, which may annoy france and russia. Should the new austrian/german empire survive they can bully the defeated prussia around and take more land from them.

Many events involving Prussia updated to fire for Germany if it is formed early.

VIP version contains (non-VIP version contains everything below as well):

Historic unification chain changed so that only the franco-prussian war can trigger the French fall of Prussia event. The fall of prussia will occur if France controls 15% of Prussia before you or your allies control paris to unify.

BB in German unification is lowered, unless you DoW all the minors early and 2 step annex them, so you shouldn't have BB wars. The badboy gained is fixed and not dependant on the size of the remaining minors as in 1.03.

Austria's government type is no longer checked for triggering the popular unification even, but it is checked for the austria joining in event.

Austria gives up much of her balkan and italian land when she joins the PU.

Austria and France are always annoyed when you unifiy and there is a small chance they will DoW.

Russia and UK may be pleased, upset or even want to ally with Germany depending on their government types (and the government of France after historic unification).

Ottomans may be pleased, upset or even want to ally with Germany depending on their government type after CE and or PU.

Italy should be pleased and may ally with Germany after historical unification unless both Italy and France are democratic, then they will either be upset with germany or be extra upset and ally with France.

Includes Falconhurst's mobilization fix to stop bavaria etc. having huge armies.

Want more info?

You can read about more about this mod here and here on the forum.

Don't like new events?

If you would like the bugfixs contained in this mod without the new events you can get Falconhurst's Grand Campaign Mobilization and German Popular Unification Bugfixes.

Want bugfixes too?

Get Darkrenown's All in one mod.

How do I install?

Just extract all files into your Victoria file, but make sure you use the correct VIP or non-VIP version. VIP users get less new events for the moment, but the entire mod will be included in VIP 0.3 due out on the 25th of July.