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Egypt is a large and strategically situated nation, the now wholly independent former Ottoman region has a small but professional army, a large population, and the potential to earn a few pounds from having tarriffs in place.

There is one huge problem though, Egypt does not have the required natural resources to provide for her populations daily needs and wil lin short order need to import huge amounts which wil cripple the early economy.

Potential strategies to deal with this threat include accepting that the initial boundaries of the nation are too large to maintain, selling off chunks of land to a friendly power, such as the French, in exchange for both money and modern technology, you might also consider scrapping your fleet.

Other strategies include attempting to expand against the weak Ottomans with French assistance, though this can lead to war against other Great Powers.

At any rate, the Egyptian nation will have a thoroughly tough time just keeping itself afloat, but with the right combination of skill and luck, and will require dedicated micromangement to find solutions for her endemic problems before expansion is possible.