Falconhurst's Grand Campaign Mobilization and German Popular Unification Bugfixes

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Grand Campaign Mobilization Bugfix

This is a zip file containing country .inc files for the Grand Campaign of Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun to correct the bug of massive mobilization numbers for German minors far in excess of the nations' intended capacity. The bug has been reported mainly for Bavaria (with over 1 million mobilized troops) as well as for Frankfurt-am-Main, Baden, and a number of other German minors. Since deleting the mobilization lines, the mobilization bug has been eliminated in my games. The bug appears to be based on erroneous handling of the "mobilization = " line which is found in the country files of offender countries but not in the files of most non-problem countries. The fix file also includes several non-German states where the mobilization = number has been removed where I presume the possibility for this bug manifesting itself also exists, even though it has not been reported to my awareness on the forums.

The only change in these files from the default Victoria 1.03/1.03b install is the deletion of the mobilization lines. No other changes have been made. The deletion of the lines mobilization = 3 for Bavaria, mobilization = 1 for some other German minors, etc. should not alter game play in any way (besides eliminating the mobilization bug) as others on the Victoria forum have confirmed that the AI can immediately reach full mobilization potential without the six-month wait.

There is one additional file in the GC with a mobilization number (Prussia, mobilization = 16) that I have not altered nor included in this bugfix. That file has not been altered as a mobilization bug for Prussia has not been reported, and while playing as Prussia it does make a difference to have 16 divisions initially available for mobilization instead of zero.

Additional files with mobilization numbers are found in directories of the other scenarios (1881, 1914, etc.). However, no one on the forum has complained of bugs in these other scenarios, although a quick survey finds that almost no one seems to play these other campaigns -- almost all respondents play the GC only. If you wish to play one of these other campaigns, be aware that mobilization bugs may occur which are not addressed in this bugfix, which addresses only for the Grand Campaign.

Please note also that this patch will not stop the monthly spamming of messages "France has mobilized, Germany has mobilized, etc." which can occur repeatedly with the AI. Be aware that the duplicate messages are NOT related to the Bavaria mobilization bug and have no effect on gameplay. As reported in the forums, the mobilization spamming bug is related to the lack of a mobilization start date in the country file and has no relationship to the functionally problematic Bavaria/German minor mobilization bug addressed in this bugfix.

German Popular Unification Bugfix

The popular unification bugfix allows popular unification of Germany by fixing an error in the prussia event file. That fix is courtesy of DarkRenown. The original thread is found on the Paradox boards

This file represents a bugfix only. It is not a mod and does not alter game mechanics in any way except to eliminate these two bugs.

If this file is extracted to the c:\ directory, everything should automatically be placed in the correct directory (c:\Program Files\Strategy First\Victoria\scenarios\GC ) if you have a default installation.