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France.png France is in a different position in 1836. France is one of the most industrialized countries in Europe but many see France as being at a crossroads. France may form the French Empire and aid (directly or indirectly) in the unification of two of the greatest world powers. France will have to decide its own path in Europe and in the rest of the world.

France as one of the most advanced countries in the world with one of the highest literacy’s in the world, one of the most advance industry and France has a powerful army as well. But France is surrounded by many enemies including the Austrians, the Germans and even the powerful United Kingdom if provoked.

Napoleon III.jpg


France is advanced for the time period that it’s in. France starts with eighteen factories at the beginning making it one of the most industrialized nations in the land. France doesn’t suffer from “Austria-Syndrome” and have many different cultures mixed into one country that refuse to work in these factories. France starts off as a Liberal country with Laissez Faire as an economic policy so your Capitalists can build factories quickly and efficiently right from the get go. France is set in the perfect place to advance its colonization. It already has some land in Algeria and the rest of the land is ripe for the taking. Africa will be in close grasp once the North has been tamed and you will have easy access to colonies in the west.


France has a mass of factories in its possession but in many cases it lacks the fuel to feed the fire. Steel, Lumber, Wool, Fabric and Dye are going to be quite short in the beginning. However this is just more excuse to begin colonization as fast as possible. France has many political enemies too. It is almost certain that you will have to face Prussia as they will be trying to form Germany and due to a narrow land connection with the Germans, France is almost certain to be drawn into a bloody war at least once. Also with proper management, all of Europe could self-destruct into wars; you had best be prepared.


Playing the role of the colonist is going to prove to be a lot safer of a tactic then playing role of the war monger in Europe. The last thing that you want is to provoke Europe in a massive blood bath that takes up forty years of your time. Instead of focusing your attention to the East, one should focus their attention due South to the rich untamed lands of Africa.


Algeria is perfectly prime land for the taking. You already have a landing zone for troops to take out the Algerian authority. Algeria has some wool and iron that France is going to need to effectively run its factories. So this should draw only one conclusion. Algeria needs to go blue. This is going to prove to be an easy war because you already have enough troops in Algeria to beat off the natives (Even without reinforcing them). Once Algeria is completely captured just annex it. Don’t forget to switch wool from buy back to sell to make some profit off of the extra.


Morocco may look appealing as a logical second choice but some extra troops from mainland France would help it that endeavour. In the meantime you might as well strike down Tunis because it is going to give you little to no opposition even if your soldiers are still wary from Algeria. Tunis should fall fairly quick due to the lack of challenge it will provide for your highly trained French Soldiers. Now you are faced with a choice. Tunis has very little resources for France and could be the cause of a minor revolt, but there are soldiers there you can put to use. However, it is also sitting right next to the Ottoman Empire. Annexing it my just put you closer to another enemy. Be wary of this.


You’re in the same situation as with the Tunis example above. The Ottoman Empire lays right to be north. This might be good or bad depending on how friendly (or unfriendly) you plan on being with the Ottomans. Tripoli is big and nothing but desert. It doesn’t have much in terms of resources or military importance (Unless you’re tempted by the Ottoman colonies to the direct north). However for the Prestige it might be worth annexing but other than that it’s your call. Either way it won’t be much for you to handle.


Morocco is a nice little country with its share of some valuable resources. I am speaking of course of the Iron and Coal (and latter Oil) that Morocco has. Morocco has a nice long coastline right at the mouth of the Strait of Gibraltar which could provide a nice little advantage. So as far as Morocco goes, it’s the Sunshine State of our four recent purchases. However you can’t expect goodness to come cheap. Morocco has the most provinces out of all of our colonies, the largest army and some pretty tough terrain to fight over. It might be good to call in some of the soldiers in France to deal with the Moroccans as you may need some backup. If you carefully move your soldiers you will be able to cut off (and completely destroying) Morocco’s entire army. Fifteen Provinces is never easier to take when then is no one left to fight over them. Make sure you annex all of Morocco’s goodness and add it to the ever growing French Empire. Notice that one little claim you took from Morocco? That is just the beginning to your claiming of all of Africa.

Sokoto and French Africa

As Africa will make you rich you will probably want to continue colonizing. However Sokoto is sitting right in the way of your expansion. It might be worth walking through Warri or Mahin to get to Sokoto. They won’t provide you with much of a fight and it’s better to fight with them than to fight with the British Empire over it later on, right? Africa is important at the beginning of the game because of its wool, cattle, fruit and rubber output but Africa will become exponentially important once oil is discovered and the entire world is fighting for it. Imagine being the only one able to build tanks, how great would that be?

Foreign Policy

Prussia and Germany

Prussia and Germany are going to be your biggest problem in Europe. Prussia needs to defeat you in order to form Germany and Germany... well... likes to pick on you. So your first goal should be to stop Prussia from ever forming into Germany. This can be done pretty simply. The Prussians almost always beat the Austrians in the Seven Weeks War (I’ve never seen otherwise) and then they’re going to attack you in the Franco-Prussian War. After ’69 you’re going to need to hold onto Paris at any cost. All it takes for them to win the war and form Germany is occupying Paris, Bummer eh? Prussia is going to be sending events your way to try to tempt you into a war but this normally isn’t wise. Prussia likes to have Austria as an ally so Austria will be dragged into as well. Plus Austria likes to have allies with the Italians states before Italy is formed. So Italian States will be charging at you from the south, while you’re trying to deal with the east. It’s easy to avoid all of this than to fight a bloody two front war in most cases.


Before Germany is formed Prussia is going to be a lot weaker when acting alone. Austria may not be as strong as either Prussia or Germany but could easily pull many other allies into the fray. You should try to keep Austria happy as long as possible. However this will prove to be quite a challenge in the Italian Question event chain. Just keep focused on your mission of unifying Italy (If you chose to do so) and ignore Austria as much as humanly possible.


Finally a potential ally. Sardinia-Piedmont is probably going to be one of your greatest allies in your European theatre. They are normally the ones to defeat Two Sicilies and unify Italy and normally they are going want you as an ally. Sardinia is probably a good choice to make friends with considering you would rather have a Great Power on your side then a Minor Power. Sardinia is going to have to fight a massive war that will draw in the Austrians and sometimes the Prussians against you. Somehow the end result is normally for the better (assuming you win). The best thing you could do is help Sardinia get through the war as quickly and as painlessly as possible. If this means fighting to hold off the Austrians, fight to hold off the Austrians. Just make sure to keep your eye on Sardinia while they are destroying the Sicilians.

The British Empire

The British Empire can be one of the hardest dogs in the pack diplomatically. As France it is going to be one of your sole missions to make Africa as blue as possible but in England, the British are going be fonder of Africa being Pink. See the potential conflict? The British Empire is one of the last people on the planet you want to annoy because their navy could quite simply destroy your navy and a navy is a bonus for colonizing Africa (Among other places). However you and the British are going to be competing for Africa, which makes things horribly tense. Fighting the British isn’t normally a very wise option as they make much better friends than enemies but if fighting over Africa (or anywhere else for that matter) makes you happy, you’ll probably want to research some navy power and only declare colonial wars. Just make sure not to lose if you decide to make yourself an enemy of the British Empire.


Switzerland gets itself into trouble over the rebellion event. You may be tempted to take some land. That is the worst possible time considering that the British will help the Swiss during this event. So you’re better off to leave Switzerland alone at least during the event.

Dreaming of Italy

Not all of the Italian States can form Italy (Imagine Lucca forming Italy). There are three countries that can form Italy, Sardinia-Piedmont, the Papal States and Two Sicilies. Each have a whole pile of requirements but don’t worry, they will fall into place pretty easy.


Probably the most common one to form Italy is Sardinia (Sicily is a close second). Sardinia is probably one of the easiest too. To form Italy you have to make sure that Louis Napoleon wins the election and that Sardinia has a larger army than Sicily (Not hard since Sardinia needs only two more divisions to be ahead of Sicily at the start.)

Two Sicilies

All you need to do is make sure that the Bourbons stay on the throne (Don’t make your people angry), Sicily stays a Monarchy (or at least a Constitutional one) and that Sicily has a larger army than both the Papal States and Sardinia, easy because it starts that way.

The Papal States

You need to have Louis Napoleon as Emperor and the Papal States needs to have a larger army than Sardinia. This is probably the hardest since the Papal States only has one division at the start. If you really want the Papal States to form Italy over Sardinia you may want to lend the Papal States some troops. That’ll put them over the Sardinia.

A Democratic Italy

If Louis Napoleon doesn’t get elected and the Bourbons get thrown out, Italy still isn’t out of the question. Anyone of them can form Italy with your help as long as they become a Democracy too. So if you still hope for Italy, pray for widespread rebellion.

The Presidential Election of ‘48

Assuming you have had the event to kick the Bourbon Monarchy out of power. Your about ready for a new President. You’re going to have two candidates for President, Louis Napoleon and Cavaignac.

Louis Napoleon

If you have either conservatives or reactionaries in your country as a majority or you’re just lucky (a 50-50 chance) Louis Napoleon is going to win the election. That’s great isn’t it. However right after he is going to be elected Emperor, hurray no more Democracy again. You’ll be right back where you started as a Monarchy.


Historically he didn’t win and normally the result isn’t much different. But for some odd reason you either have the Liberals, Socialist, Communist or Fascists as your majority and you’re just lucky (again a 50-50 chance) you’re going to get Cavaignac. However this isn’t very good because as soon as you do Louis Napoleon is going to stage a Coup and get Elected Emperor anyways, so much for a Democracy eh?


The London Treaty (1836)

After the war with the Netherlands, France, Prussia, Austria and the UK sat down to decide the fate of the Kingdom of Belgium. (1836)

  • Sign it
    • Belgium Relations +100
    • Netherlands Relations -100
    • Independence Guaranteed to Belgium.
  • Don’t Sign it
    • Belgium Relations -100
    • Netherlands Relations +100

Intervention in the Belgian Conflict (1836)

If the Netherlands don’t sign the London Treaty you have be given the option to stay neutral, back Belgians or the Netherlanders.

  • Stay Neutral
    • Relations with Belgium and the Netherlands -50
    • Relations with England, Austria and Prussia +50
  • Support Belgium
    • Relations with Belgium +200
    • Relations with the Netherlands -200
    • War with the Netherlands
  • Support the Netherlands
    • Relations with the Netherlands +200
    • Relations with Belgium -200
    • War with Belgium

Arc de Triomphe (1836)

The Arc de Triomphe was built in France.

  • Wonderful!
    • Prestige +5 (Free Prestige)

The Second Oriental Crisis (1838)

The Egyptians wanted to retake Syria that had been taken by the Ottomans. The Egyptians attacked but the Great Powers backed the Ottoman Empire. All save France.

  • Back Egypt (This won’t get you into the war unless a great power declares war on Egypt)
    • Alliance with Egypt
    • Egypt Relations +200
    • Prestige +50
  • Back Down
    • Prestige -50

France demands the Extradition of Louis Napoléon (1838)

France wants the son of Napoléon I, pretender to the French Throne to be returned to France. When the Swiss refuse to hand him over war becomes nearly a reality. Louis flees to London sparing Europe from the War

  • Don’t Worry, we’ll get him somehow!
    • Switzerland Relations -50

Napoléon I Returns (1840)

Napoléon I’s body returns home from St. Helena.

  • Un Grand Homme!
    • Prestige +5

July Column Unveiled (1840)

The July Column was created to honour the dead in the July Revolution.

  • Let us remember the dead!
    • Prestige +15

Coup Attempt! (1840)

Louis Napoleon tried to win a seat in the French Parliament and failed.

  • Send the Troops!
    • Prestige -10

Punish Annam! (1841)

Sometimes you’ll get a random event to destroy Annam. You might as well take it to get another colony.

  • Punishment
    • War with Annam
    • Ignore
    • Prestige -25

Across the Alps! (1842)

The French were the first people in the world to cross the Alps in a hot air balloon.

  • A Great Achievement
    • Prestige +5

Sonderbund Rebellion (1845)

  • Intervene on behalf of the Catholics
    • War with Switzerland
    • Prestige +20
  • Accept a settlement
    • Relations with the Swiss +50
    • Prestige -20

This may seem like a great time to get some Swiss land. However it is not, if you declare war on Switzerland through the event England will almost always try to go to war. If you hop out of the war to prevent England from joining, you lose 50 prestige for nothing. Tough Break eh?

The Fall of Louis Phillip (1845)

Well congrats, your people got angry and kicked out the Bourbons. Yay! As long as your people are on the verge of revolt this event is going to happen.

  • Republican Reform
    • Militancy and Consciousness of Labourers, Craftsmen, Clerks and Capitalists -5
    • The Republican Party now rules
    • You are now a Democracy

Play the Sax (1846)

  • What a noise
    • Prestige +5

Louis Napoleon Flees! (1846)

Louis Napoleon escapes jail and flees the country. But don't worry. He'll be back.

  • Merde!
    • Militancy of Reactionaries +1

Punish Burma (1846)

Sometimes you’ll get the option to Punish Burma for its actions against Europeans. If the British don’t jump on it you might as well add a new colony to your Asian Collection.

  • Punishment
    • War with Burma
  • Ignore
    • Prestige -5

The Presidential Election of 1848 (1848)

You’re going to pick a new President. Don’t worry the result is going to be the same

  • Our first Presidential Election
    • Plurality +2

Louis Napoleon wins the election (1848)

As long as the Majority is either Conservative or Reactionary Louis Napoleon is going to win the election. If not it’s a 50-50 chance.

  • Great!
    • Militancy for All -2
    • Consciousness for Clerks, Capitalists and Craftsmen -5
    • Consciousness for everyone else -2

Cavaignac wins the election (1848)

  • Great!
    • Militancy for All -2
    • Consciousness for Clerks, Capitalists and Craftsmen -5
    • Consciousness for everyone else -2

The Coup d'Etat of Louis Napoleon (1851)

  • Whoops!
    • You are now a Presidential Dictatorship, you now have Laws by Decree, You are Multiparty and your National Value is now Order.
    • Militancy of Capitalists, Clerks and Craftsmen +1
    • Consciousness of Capitalists, Clerks and Craftsmen +3

Louis Napoleon elected Emperor (1852)

  • Vive L'Empereur!
    • You are now a Constitutional Monarchy
    • Militancy of Capitalists, Clerks and Craftsmen +1
    • Consciousness of Capitalists, Clerks and Craftsmen +3

The Crimean War (1853)

The Russians have attacked the Ottoman Empire, will you intervene on behalf of the Ottomans?

  • Declare War on Russia!
    • War with Russia
    • Alliance with the Ottoman Empire
  • Maybe Later
    • Prestige -5

Murder of French Chaplain (1856)

If China didn’t agree to the Treaty of Huangpu (The French Treaty if they lost the First Opium War) France gets the chance to get their revenge on China

  • Declare War on China!
    • Declare War on China (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Resolve the Issue Peacefully
    • Prestige -50

French offer to buy Luxemburg (1867)

The French are trying to buy Luxemburg from its owner. This could only make the Prussians angry. If you’re not willing to fight the Prussians over Luxemburg the only thing this will give you is minus 50 prestige and minus 100 relations with Prussia. Doesn’t seem worth it to me

  • Offer
    • Has a 95% chance to make the Prussians threaten you with war over Luxemburg
  • No Offer
    • No Effect

Leadership in Germany (1867)

Chances are Prussia is going to step up and say that it is the leader of Germany to Austria. This gives France some options.

  • Do Nothing!
    • Prestige -25
  • Propose Belgian Annexation Plan for Prussia
    • Fires an Event with Prussia that will cause you to lose ten prestige (95% of the time) OR cause Prussia to release its alliance and guarantee with Belgium (5% of the time)
  • Propose alliance with Austria
    • Fires an Event with Austria that will ally you and Austria (95% of the time) or cause you to lose fifty prestige (5% of the time).

An alliance with Austria could be used to keep the Prussians down in the Seven Weeks war but make sure that you can actually beat the Prussians before you agree.

A Hohenzollern on the Spanish Throne (1870)

France doesn’t want a German on the Spanish Throne. So if the Spanish decide to put a German on the throne in Spain and the Prussians agree. It could be time for war again.

  • No, this means war
    • War with Prussia
  • Who cares about Spain?
    • Minus ten prestige

I am sure by now you’re coming to realize that avoiding war with Prussia is a very Prestige costly business.

The Napoleonic Triumph (1870)

If you manage to defeat Prussia after the 1870s you no longer have to worry about the “Three Hurrays for the German Empire” and the forming of Germany

  • Vive L'Empereur
    • South German is no longer a primary culture
    • Germany can no longer be formed by capturing Paris

The Fall of the French Empire (1871)

However if Prussia manages to defeat you, you have some new very serious problems. This is the first of two events if you are defeated.

  • Everything is lost!
    • You are now a Democracy, you now have a Parliament, you now have a multi-party system and your national value is now Equality.
    • You lose South German is a Primary Culture.
    • Germany is formed despite your best efforts.

The Paris Commune (1871)

Communists are at France doors if you got defeated by the Prussians. Are you going to let them in?

  • Root them out
    • Militancy for Clerks, Craftsmen and Labourers +3
  • Negotiate
    • Prestige -50
    • Money -1000
  • Bring them into Government
    • Prestige -100
    • Parti Ouvrier Français (France’s Communist Party) now rule France, you are now a Proletarian Dictatorship, you now have Law by Decree, you now have one party system and your national value is now Equality (So much for Democracy eh?).

The Boxer Rebellion (1900)

If China lost the Opium War (About a ninety-nine percent chance) chances are you’re going to be given the Boxer Rebellion Event to go to war with China.

  • Declare war on China
    • War with China
  • Stay out of this
    • Prestige -1

Italian Question Events (Monarchy)

Napoleon III Unharmed

  • We must solved the Italian Question
    • Relations with England, Austria, Prussia and Russia -50
    • Militancy of all Classes +1
    • Sardinia will now be your ally in forming Italy
    • Note: This event will only fire if Sardinia has a larger army than the Papal States.

Franco-Sardinian Collaboration

  • Propose the Cavour Plan
    • Leave your alliances with the Papal States, Two Sicilies, Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Lucca. This will also cause Sardinia to annex the Papal States, Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Lucca and will be at war with Two Sicilies. Italy almost always will form. Congratulations.
    • Note: Sardinia can’t be Socialist (What are the chances of this in the 1860s?)
    • Note: Annexing only happens for the AI. If the Sardinia is a human, have fun.

Napoleon III Wounded

  • We must solved the Italian Question
    • Relations with England, Austria, Prussia and Russia -50
    • Militancy of all Classes -1
    • The Papal States will now be your ally in forming Italy
    • Note: This will only happen if the Papal States has a larger army than Sardinia.

Franco-Papal Collaboration

  • Propose the Gioberti Plan
    • Leave your alliances with the Sardinia, Two Sicilies, Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Lucca.
    • This will also cause Papal States to annex the Sardinia, Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Lucca and will be at war with Two Sicilies. Italy almost always will form. Congratulations.
    • Note: Annexing only happens for the AI. If the Papal States is a human, have fun.

Bourbon Expansion

  • We must solved the Italian Question
    • Relations with England, Austria, Prussia and Russia -50
    • Militancy of all Classes -1
    • Two Sicilies will now be your ally in forming Italy

Bourbon Collaboration

  • Propose the Mazzini Plan
    • Leave your alliances with the Papal States, Sardinia, Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Lucca
    • Relations with Two Sicilies +200
    • Relations with Sardinia and the Papal States -100

This event will cause Two Sicilies to annex the Papal States, Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Lucca and go to war with Sardinia. Since you are an ally with Two Sicilies you will be given the option to help them unify Italy.

Italian Question Events (Republic)

Republican Collaboration

This event will fire if France and another one of the three big Italian Countries are a Democracy. This will cause either the Franco-Sardinian Collaboration, Franco-Papal Collaboration or Bourbon Collaboration (For Sardinia, the Papal States or Two Sicilies respectively.)


France under your leadership should have completely reshaped the world in almost every way. By the end of the game you should be in first place, ahead of the United Kingdom.