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Greece has just been liberated from Ottoman control. By 1830 Greece was firmly recognized as an independent state by the European Great Powers. Greece poses a number of difficulties for the player. It has minimal income and the provinces do not produce anything of great importance, except from a sulfur mine at Naxos which if you can buy convoys from the world market can be quite beneficial. Also the manpower is limited and as so the player starts with negative manpower. There are no factories built at that time so the the player is far behind in industrialization. Diplomacy is the best weapon of Greece. As soon as the games begins some great powers (almost all the Europeans) will guarantee your independence and also some of them will create alliances with the player from the very start of the game. They are also receptive to alliances suggested by the players.

Initial position

  • Your army consists of four divisions of irregulars. The Ottomans have 16 divisions.
  • You have 0 divisions in the mobilization pool
  • Your initial income is (depending on the settings you chose) 2.1 per day, and expenses are 9.1 per day, for a net loss of -7.


  • Not going to be much industrialization going on as you've got a lot of 1-2 RGOs.
  • Greece exports fruit, grain and cotton. You also have a sulfur mine on Naxos, which is potentially lucrative - but you have no convoys to allow the sulfur to be exported! Also, you have no factories, and no machine parts to build new ones.
  • Wars are expensive, make regulars when you can but be careful not to get involved in any long drawn out situations


  • At the beginning you have only 4 division of irregulars. If you wish to have a successful offense or defense it is essential to raise the mobilization as much as possible. You will probably be able to raise it only once due to the small population living in Greece. To raise the mobilization you need to buy canned food and small arms from the world market.


  • If the Ottoman decide to come down on you while you are unprepared and without allies then it is sure that you will lose. Prepare to give up provinces to make peace in this case
  • Diplomacy is going to be important to you. If you're offered a defensive alliance or even a full alliance, sign it - most of the Great Powers like you, and so may well offer this.
  • Do not forget to offer alliances yourself.


  • Put up taxes to 49.22% and tariffs to maximum. Promise your people that you'll drop the taxes again once Greece is wealthy, but keep your fingers crossed behind your back as you do so.
  • You start with only a couple of techs researched. I'd go for something that improves your income directly (commerce techs) or starts you down the road to railways and interchangeable parts.
  • If you can, grab a sneaky colony
  • Usually research industry techs until mechanical production (+5 machine parts) and exp. RR. Build a glass factory first. This is a good money maker, plus coal is cheap and plentiful (and Greece doesn't produce anything you can use in a factory anyway). Steel is definitely a profitable item, but Greece won't be able to buy enough iron to keep it going. You can build the mill and open it for the times you've managed to stockpile enough iron to actually run it for a while. Then close it and put your worker back into the glass factory. You can do the same thing with a lumber mill, since lumber and steel can be hard to come by at times.
  • Strong alliances, and a J.R. Ewing like talent in regards to evil foresight. Watch the world around you and take what you can, when you can do so in the safest manner. Manpower is precious as Greece, don't need to tell you that. Free up any states that have Greeks so that you may use them for industry. Steal claims when possible. One transport and a little luck is all it takes. For example, if the Ottoman Empire is getting creamed in the Crimean war, you wait until the result is a foregone conclusion, and enter the war blasting through the Balkans freeing Greeks at every turn. Send a cavalry unit to one of the Ottoman Empire's colonies and steal what you can, if they still are in possession of any.
  • Austria-Hungary and Russia are strong allies if your plan is to take land from the Ottoman. You can easily get alliances with both and start wars on your terms.

Some suggestions from playing in VIP

I have played Greece with VIP and the set up is bit different than in Vanilla and the game is more historical and difficult.

  1. Go on Egypt when in war with Ottomans, take both Crete and Cyprus. Possible if you take Cairo before Ottomans.
  2. Cultivate relations with Russia and ally with them.
  3. When ottomans are at war with someone DOW them and apart from taking some islands and rather random expeditions to diverse their mil resources just stay on your borders as the storm will come. You can just pick you national provinces when Russians are successful anyway.
  4. It took me three hard fought wars with massive support from Russia and UK but finally I made Turkey my satellite at about 1880 while stripping them of any provinces with Greek minority. To occupy the capitals of Tunisia, Lebanon and Constantinople itself is the trick. But be aware, they are not easy prey and three times I had to reload as I was overconfident, messed up and they were in Athens in no time. Defence structures on borders are the key.
  5. As the for economy: build RR and steel and steam factories, tariffs on max, no taxes as taxes just seems to decrease the profits from tariffs and vice versa.

Revolutions alternative

There's also an alternative way that can take you from being one of the poorest nations in Europe to top 3 great powers in the world.

Here are the tips on how to achieve it: From the beginning, try to survive the first few years and conserve money and your troops. As soon as the Ottoman Empire attacks Egypt, do so as well and grab their capital as well as Crete island. Egyptians have a tendency to offer a lot of territory as soon as you take their capital and so use this to your advantage because you'll attack them again at least 2 more times. With the acquired territory, try to survive a little more. We're waiting the 1844 event that will turn you into con monarchy, which improve relations with the UK and France by 100. The territory that you acquire from Egyptians is very poor, but we're not going to need it. Our plan is different. Make friends with either one of the rich Great Powers (the British or French work best) and sell every useless piece of land. I think on average, I was getting 10 000$ per piece of land, which took me to over a 100k (even though I was still in negative profit).

With all the newly acquired money, we'll do the following:

  • Produce fabric/cement/lumber factories in every province
  • Change all social reforms to the max
  • Become a dictatorship for a month, so that we can then switch to democracy and set the liberal British Party as the leader
  • Set social reform slider to the minimum, to conserve money
  • Watch an instant immigrant influx from all of Europe.

You profit will be still negative and probably very negative at first. Do not fear, keep grabbing and selling territory from Egypt, Tunis, Dubai, Oman and whatever else goes bankrupt and you can attack. I suggest leaving either the city of Tunis or Alexandria under your command because they usually have 100k+ soldiers and thus give you free manpower, which you can use for extra divisions.

In my game, I hit the jackpot that finally turned my profits around and gave me a daily boost of 100$ was when I took Oman and all the immigrants started moving into the Opium producing provinces. You can probably achieve the same with Massaua, the Egyptian precious metal producing province or anywhere else with oil/opium/precious metals. When the profit becomes big enough, start increasing your defense/crime fighting sliders and build up your military/navy. By now, with a constant influx of immigrants and huge profits, you'll be heading toward great power status in no time. Make sure to build capitalists in every Greek province and convert the rest of Greek population into clerks to work the factories. Don't convert them to craftsmen, you'll be getting these from abroad. With every POP as clerk, you'll be getting a HUGE research input a day, 2-3 at least. This will help you catch up to the other great powers within the few decades.

Now for your national territory:

  • By 1880 it's quite possible to attack and destroy the Ottomans with your newly acquired capital and army, but it's much easier to just buy it (thus avoiding badboy points). I ended up buying everything + Cyprus and some other Greek population provinces by 1890 and was a #4 great power, a bit behind France.
  • If you still don't have enough money to buy all the land you want, conquer/colonize some land and exchange it to Ottomans for the one you want. You'll also probably be way ahead of them in research and they'll gladly take research as well. You'll obviously need to have 150+ relations with them, to get a good deal.
  • As you acquire new territory, don't forget to convert new Greeks into clerks/capitalists so that your research input stays high.
  • With the liberal party in power you can't build new factories, but you can upgrade old ones, which increases your industrial score all the same, so keep upgrading your factories and your Opium/precious metal RGOs and you'll have a constantly growing daily income.
  • Don't forget to hold a strong defensive position too, war can come from any side, especially if you happen to take someone else's turf.
  • If you take Bulgaria from the Ottomans, expect the Russians to eventually declare on you.

Unit names

From the formation of the country to the Balkan Wars, the main formations of the Greek Army (Ellinikós Stratós) were the Army of Epirus (Stratós Epeírou) and the Army of Thessaly (Stratós Thessalías). During the Balkan Wars, the former consisted of the 8th Division (VIII Merarchía) and the latter consisted of the 1st through 7th Divisions (I-VII Merarchíes).

These Divisions were divided into various Regiments:

  • Syntagma Pezikoú (Infantry)
  • Syntagma Pyrovolikoú (Artillery)
  • Syntagma Mechanikoú (Engineers)
  • Tethorakisméni Syntagma (Armor)
  • Syntagma Ippikoú (Cavalry)

In modern usage, these are ordered with Arabic numerals followed by an "o" - 1o Syntagma Katadromon, 480o Tagma Diaviváseon, etc.

By the end of the First World War, these divisions were arranged into four Corps using Greek numerals: A' Sóma Stratoú, B' Sóma Stratoú, G' Sóma Stratoú, and D' Sóma Stratoú.