How to buy land

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Originally posted at the paradox forums by cookie monster

Buy the world!

Here below is a short guide to buying what you really want more land,more pops and more power!

First an overview of what you need and what influences the buying costs.


For good results I would recommend +160 relations below this the provinces are more expensive.


The lower the Badboy the better. Nations will still trade when you have insane amounts of BB, it's all about money. However over 20 BB all trades begin to get real expensive.

Core province?

Cores are indicated by the red dot in a province when viewing your relations through another country. See demo below. The common thought is that core provinces cannot be bought however they can. However capitals cannot be bought.

Cash or techs?

Cash is KING! However if you do trade techs for land then you lose 10 Prestige points per tech traded unless you demand an equal amount of techs in return.

Province population

The larger the province population the higher the price. A common exploit is to buy India. Making money afterwards wouldn't be a problem for anyone.

The demonstration

Here we have the target Ireland. Owned by United Kingdom. You can see the UK has full cores on Ireland illustrated by the red dots in each province. This will be expensive to buy.


Here we have Armagh and Dublin. Because the British are a majority in Armagh it will cost more money to buy.


However our pockets are deep and we buy as we please.


And so here ends this short guide.