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What's immigration

The act of immigrating; the passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence.

How do I get immigrants?

Ahh the immortal question. This guide will attempt to de-mystify immigration.

Form of Government

As in the real Victorian period people left Europe and Asia for the Democracy of the New World. Vicky is also modelled this way.

You will receive very few immigrants as a Constitutional Monarchy. As a Monarchy or Presidential/Proletarian Dictatorship, you will receive none.

Democracy is what is required.

Ruling Party

Immigrants prefer Liberal or Socialist ruling parties.

You can get immigrants as Conservative if you're the USA.

Socialist parties are generally available after 1880.

Minority Policies

Immigrants prefer that you are:-

Limited Citizenship

Citizenship is unequally divided in a system where the least favoured have all rights but voting rights. POPs in colonies cannot vote.

Full Citizenship

All citizens have the same rights. POPs in colonies can now vote.

Religious Policies

I am unaware of what influence/penalty there is between the policies. I presume Pluralism is better than Atheism.

Social Reforms

Immigrants will show a preference to countries with high social reforms unless you are in debt. So the more reforms and better quality, the higher your chance.I never enact working hours reform as it lowers my industrial score too much. The reason for the debt situation is to prevent Uruguay becoming No1.


Such an important part of the game. As a Democracy it can be your best friend. As a Monarchy your worst enemy.

Further information can be found here. The_Big_Three and here Plurality FAQ

We need high Plurality as soon as possible. The way to do it is to be Liberal when the inventions fire for "Ideological Thought" plurality will increase by 25%. When Socialist parties are available I like to change, so to also get the 25% plurality bonus.


Immigrants being inherently materialistic like high value RGO's. Nothing attracts them more than GOLD!

A high value (5.0) Precious metals RGO with open slots is what we need.

Immigrants are also attracted to Silk and Sulphur RGO's.

If you dont have these RGO's you should aquire them.


Even still immigrant Craftsmen and Clerks love GOLD!

You should have available factory slots for your new immigrants. In Vicky available means possible employment opportunity. The factory does not have to be open.


Not just the mantra of home buying, it also applies here.

Countries which have their capital in the America's have a bonus to immigration.

Countries in Europe can only receive non-European immigrants in the colonies. A POP once outside Europe will never return.

The life rating of a province also has an effect. USA having some quite high values.

Requirements in short


Liberal or Socialist Party

Limited or better Full citizenship party

All social reforms bar maximum working hours at good level

High plurality A.S.A.P


Factory slots available

America's based capital better


What's emigration?

People migrating from a country for another.

How do I prevent emigration

The key to emigration prevention is control of militancy. All POPs with a MIL of +4 are in the emigration draft. You need that MIL down and fast.

There are various ways to lower MIL. All of which are covered well here

Unemployed POPs are less likely to emigrate when you have the "unemployment benefits" social reform enacted.


What's migration

Movement of people from one area to another in the same country, usually to find work.

What benefit is migration

Industrialisation is expensive. More pops in fewer states means less railways and fewer factories. Concentration of Capitalists can give great gains in productivity to a country. Also statehood can be granted in colonies as soon as your national POPs are a majority in one province of a state. An industrialised Dutch Java is quite an acheivement.

How do I do it?

POPs are converted to craftsmen and give no employment opportunites in their state. There can be factories but they must be fully manned. Closed factories also cannot exist. Factories can prevent this strategy from working, therefore they must be deleted in the save game.

Poor taxation is raised until unemployed craftsmen are only receiving 100% subsitenance goods.(The top one)

When they have no cash reserves they will then migrate to a potential employment opportunity. If no opportunities exist in the homeland they will seek work in the colonies.

Using POP migration you can fill high value RGO's and factories as you desire.

To migrate farmers and labourers from the homeland to a colony you must overspill the RGO, so that some are unemployed. They will then migrate to a high value RGO overseas.

And here ends this guide.

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