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This is a list of the leaders that appear in the score screen after you use the Surrender command. This list is sorted by leader number.

These leaders can be changed in the country.csv file. To change the leader, change the last number before the X. In this example country.csv configuration line, nation U08 uses leader #22 (as shown in red):


If you don't specify a leader (or if you have forgotten to add a line for your nation!), the default leader that appears is leader #0, Teddy Roosevelt.

The List

Leader Number Brief Description Picture
0 Teddy Roosevelt (USA leader) Leader0.png
1 Robert E. Lee (CSA leader) Leader1.png
2 Wilhelm II (German Kaiser) Leader2.png
3 Queen Victoria (British leader) Leader3.png
4 Franz Joseph (Austrian leader) Leader4.png
5 Vittorio Emanuell II (Italian leader) Leader5.png
6 Napoleon III (French leader) Leader6.png
7 Nicolas II (Russian leader) Leader7.png
8 Abdul Hamid II (Turkic leader) Leader8.png
9 Tibetan leader Leader9.png
10 Mutsu Hito (Japanese leader) Leader10.png
11 Oscar II (Scandinavian leader) Leader11.png
12 Leopold I (Belgian leader) Leader12.png
13 Queen Wilhelmina (Dutch leader) Leader13.png
14 Alfonso XIII (Spanish leader) Leader14.png
15 Carlos I (Portuguese leader) Leader15.png
16 Benito Suarez (Mexican leader) Leader16.png
17 Pedro II (Brazilian leader) Leader17.png
18 Zulu leader Leader18.png
19 Ethiopian leader Leader19.png
20 Paul Kruger (Oranje/Transvaal leader) Leader20.png
21 Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar (Persian leader) Leader21.png
22 Sam Houston (Texan leader) Leader22.png
23 Korean leader Leader23.png
24 Southeast Asian/South Asian leader Leader24.png
25 African/Haitian leader Leader25.png
26 Francesco II (Italian leader) Leader26.png
27 European leader (mostly W/Central Europe) Leader27.png
28 European leader (mostly E Europe) Leader28.png
29 Arabic leader Leader29.png
30 Central/South American leader Leader30.png
31 Christian IX (Danish leader) Leader31.png