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Machine Parts are an important good for the wannabe industrializer, and since they also can be in short supply, especially at the start of the GC, you'll need to plan ahead so you can cover your needs as much as possible.

Getting them from the world market

The simplest is to purchase it from the World Market. However, because of its short supply, you'll need to be high on the prestige ranking, if not at the top, to even have a chance at getting some machine parts.

Making your own

If you wish to make your own machine parts, you'll need a Machine Parts factory. It requires 5 machine parts, 10 iron, 10 cement and £20 000 to build it, and the raw materials it needs are steel and coal.

To be able to build the factory, you'll need the Precision Work-invention. At the start of the game, the only nation to have this invention (and any Machine Parts factory) is the UK, which is why machineparts are in short supply. Theoretically, you can get the Precision Work-invention as early as Jan 1st 1840, but due to the research needed to get it, most civilized countries won't be able to get it till sometime later in the 1840s at the earliest.

Precision Work is triggered by Interchangeable Parts.

Interchangeable Parts depends on a set of other technologies, which in turn have their dependencies. The whole list of technologies preceding Interchangeable Parts is:

If you wish to get a Machine Parts factory at the earliest possible opportunity, you'll need to select your research among these techs whenever possible. Note that some nations start with a few of these techs already researched.

Getting some along the way to making your own

Some of these techs have the added benefit of providing you with some machine parts "for free" along the way:

Application Machine parts gained
Publishing Industry 5
Mechanical Production 5
Interchangeable Parts 10
Precision Work 10