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How to make an event picture – with Photodraw. By Zuckergußgebäck

OK, so you want to create an event picture, eh? Well, the first thing you might ask is ‘What is an event picture?’ Basically, it is this:


It is that picture at the top of the event(never mind that it is Lenin showing off)

You can create an event picture of practically any pictures you can find, but out of respect for Paradox, I have descided to immortalize Johan, our friendly admin with a taste for fine beer and a cheerful smile:


The first thing i do is to fire up the event picture template, which can be found in Victoria/GFX/interface/events/events_template.

File:Tutorial 2.gif File:Tutorial 3.gif

Once you fire this up, you will be taken to photodraw (unless you have another image editor). Your first order of buisness is to remove everything unnecisary, I.E. all the pictures of Livingstone and polar explorers and other unnecisary fools.

File:Tutotial 4.gif

There is a hidden one too, please don´t miss it!

File:Tutorial 5.gif

Next thing to do is to copy the picture from the internet (or wherever you are storing them) and paste them into your frame, this may require some resizing though. What you are left with should look something like this:

File:Tutorial 6.gif

But doesn´t it look a little empty next to Johan? Well, how about the paradox banner flying high next to him? I have copied the flag from Txinis site. You paste it in, but what now?! The flag is in the wrong direction! To turn it, press the little green dot just above the flag and turn the mouse in the direction you want to turn it.

File:Tutorial 13.gif

Then resize it to fit the nice-looking golden frame, like this:

File:Tutorial 14.gif

Great! Now you have the picture itself, now you have to CHANGE it to give it an old-looking style(add those non-existant years of wear-and-tear).

The first thing you want to do is to take the thin, almost transparent layer in the bottom right corner.

File:Tutorial 8.gif

And put it inside the frame. But what now? Nothing happens! That is because you have put it BEHIND the picture of Johan and the flag. To fix that, you have to select the individual pictures (I.E. right click on them) and then select ‘Move backwards’ (or the closest thing to it, I am using the swedish version) three times and on both of them. You will see a drastic change when you have moved them back enough.

File:Tutorial 9.gif

Finally, you have to put on the yellowish thingy that you can see at the top of the above picture.

File:Tutorial 10.gif

GASP! Johan is harldy visible behind all that yellow! How to fix that? Enter the following menu(effects) and select the second thing from the top:

File:Tutorial 11.gif

and set ’transparentness’ to perhaps 20%. Now, Johan appears out of the mist!

File:Tutorial 12.gif

Do not forget to save this as a .BMP, NOT as a .MIX or you will have serious troubles of getting the picture to show in-game.

Here´s some I made earlier: