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Persia is a minor with a hard but possible road to Great Power. She is uncivilised but friends with the United Kingdom, who is looking to modenise her. Accepting this help will lead to civilized status, but in the mean time massive rebellions and possible revolution await. It will be touch and go to see if you can manage the tiny economy and maintain an army large enough to deal with the rebellions, social reforms are out of the question and a hungry Russia is looking southwards, are you her next meal? Or are you made of sterner stuff, modernizing and expanding into the middle east against the dilapidated Ottoman Empire and putting a check on Russian ambitions?

Initial Settings

You will need to decrease militancy, and hold out for civilization.

  • Taxes: 0% for all classes
  • Tariffs & Education: Maximum
  • Army, Defense: Minimum

This will actually give you enough money to create a capitalist POP, with room to spare, when you've civilized.

The Road to Civilization

Naturally, your top priority is to civilize, and this is best done with a hands off approach. There are two events that will automatically take you to civilized status, the second of which happens in 1846. Both events dramatically increase militancy, but with everything properly set, you won't have a single revolt!

The Crimean War

The Ruskies are very friendly with Persia, and would like an alliance by the time they launch their war in 1853. While this will mean war with the UK, it seems a reasonable way to start your work of expanding into the Middle East. After all, a strong Russia generally means a weaker Ottoman Empire, and Russia can't fight the war successfully on its own. The few lands you grab at the conclusion of the war will be minor, and you'll have plenty of time to work off the bad boy.

Uniting Your People

There comes a time in the life of every great leader to unite his people. As a shepherd who tends to his flock, isn't it about time you liberated your "countrymen" from your uncivilized neighbors? Khiva is a good starting point, due to its -100 prestige, you don't lose any on DOW. This will also give you access to founding a few colonies, and thus carving Kazakstan from Russia. Be sure not to miss Afghanistan. While you will lose prestige for the DOW, it has a large population that will help your efforts to industrialize.