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Ok so Peru....well, you have a fairly resource rich country on the west coast of South America. Good opportunities for immigration, you don't start out with the best liberal party in SA but it's not bad and you can get a much higher flow of immigration since you are in the Americas. You start out with Bolivia in a Union as well, since it is one of the bigger small countries in SA you won't get a huge BB score for annexing your neighbors, well the Andean ones anyways.


Budget Set all tax sliders to 50% Keep Social spending at max(you won't spend any money but i read somewhere that it tricks your populace into being docile, although I don't know if it's true or not, I havent noticed.) Keep defense at max(you will need this to ensure Bolivia doesn't leave the Union.) Keep army at Max, navy at Minimum, and tariffs at Max.

Trade (Optional for Startup, although i do suggest doing the buy to 1000's) Buy to 10

  • Paper
  • Clothing
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Gold (remember to set to sell after your discovery)

You won't purchase these only sporadically will you buy one for the first few years. Buying to 1000 will cause liberal markets to produce these factories thereby increasing World Output. Buy to 1000

  • Furniture
  • Machine Parts

Buy to 5

  • Luxury Furniture


To jump start your economy as well as get more cash for going liberal i suggest starting with

  • Stock Exchange
  • Ad-Hoc money Bill Printing
  • Freedom of Trade

Doing the economy techs first allows you to not only collect more cash from you country but you can also trade the first two to the U.S.A for extra cash.Plus you will need Freedom of trade to be able to build most factories.

The object here is to save enough money to switch to a democracy with full reforms, minus work hours of course. You will need about 16 - 17k to make the switch, not including promoting clerks to ensure liberalization. Hopefully sometime before 1840 you will have found gold in Lima, if not then IMO restart the game. It's much easier to get cash after the gold find.