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dis·am·big·u·ate -

"To establish a single semantic or grammatical interpretation for"


In "Victoria - An Empire under the Sun", there are several provincenames that have been given to two seperate provinces, even some that have been given to three. How often have you traded for "Beaver", only to end up with the wrong one?


This mod aims to help that situation somewhat by adding disambiguation codes to the names of these provinces. This will not be reflected on the map itself, but should be reflected in all other places province names occur (state and province screens, ledger, unit destinations etc).



If you have the .rar-version, simply unpack it into your main Victoria-directory, the unpacker will place the "province_names.csv"-file in the config-subdirectory. If the unpacker prompts you if you wish to overwrite, answer "yes". If you unpack manually, simply place the province_names.csv in your VICTORIA\config-directory, overwriting the one already there.

To verify that it's in place, open VICTORIA\config\province_names.csv and search/scroll to the line starting with "PROV131;Portland"; it should look like:

PROV131;Portland (OR);;;;;;;;;;X

If that's the case, it's in place :-)

The disambiguation codes

Below are listed the codes that have been used. They have been chosen both to make sure that they are singular and hopefully intuitive. Unfortunately, some of the provinces in question are close, so the codes are in some cases a bit more obscure that desireable.

The codes are written in capital letters and placed in parenthesises in-game.

AFR  - Africa
ALG  - Algeria
ARG  - Argentina
ASIA - Asia
AST  - 'Straylia ;)
BOL  - Bolivia
BRA  - Brazil
CAN  - Canada
CHL  - Chile
COL  - Colombia
DE   - Delaware, USA
GUY  - Guyana
HON  - Honduras
HYD  - Hyderabad (Central India)
IL   - Illinois, USA
ITA  - Italy
ME   - Maine, USA
MEX  - Mexico
MO   - Missouri, USA
NC   - North Carolina, USA
NM   - New Mexico, USA
NY   - New York, USA
NZ   - New Zealand
OK   - Oklahoma, USA
OR   - Oregon, USA
PAC  - Pacific
PAR  - Paraguay
PER  - Peru
PR   - Para (state in northern Brazil)
PRN  - Parana (state in southern Brazil)
RIO  - Rio Negra (state in southern central Argentina)
SAF  - South(ern) Africa
SAN  - Santa Cruz (state in southern Argentina)
SC   - South Carolina, USA
SIND - Sind (Northwestern India)
SPA  - Spain
SYR  - Syria (Middle East)
USA  - United States of America
UT   - Utah, USA
UK   - United Kingdom/British Isles
VA   - Virginia, USA
VEN  - Venezuela
WY   - Wyoming, USA