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Victoria : Revolutions Moddable File Unofficial Hotfixes

This page contains moddable file fixes for Victoria : Revolutions to fix moddable files that have bugs or other problems in the interim until Paradox is able to produce a new official patch.

Just click the file below and you should get a dialog window asking if you want to save or open, I'd recommend saving to desktop first, making duplicates of the files that these will replace, and then adding manually the new files in the download to your game by overwriting the base files. They are in a RAR file format to condense download time.

NOTE these fixes are not officially sanctioned by Paradox, and any responsibility for errors is entirely my own. I'm simply using the resources I have available to me to help correct problems and bugs that can be easily fixed. Most of these changes above have been suggested to the beta team for eventual official inclusion. For now at least, this will make these fixes available to players.

Changelog For Hotfix 5A

Note : You must have installed Hotfix 5 first before applying this hotfix

The revised GC .eug included in Hotfix 5 is optimized for single player use by having only one flag in the choose nation screen. While this makes changing nations from savegames easier in single player, it makes multiplayer impossible. Hotfix 5A is an updated 1836.eug file so that the traditional setup of 10 flags to choose from display on the scenario choice screen.

Changelog For Hotfix 5

Note : You must have installed Hotfix 4 first before applying this hotfix

Edited SPA7700 so that Carlist Spain will remain a monarchy (add reduction of political reforms to make it pure monarchy) Moved Liberal Revolution Events to new event file LiberalRevolution.txt that will only load in the GC

Changelog For Hotfix 4

Note : You must have installed Hotfix 3 first before applying this hotfix

fixed kenya colony life rating and reworked events.txt file to include new file ColonialProvinceLR.txt added trigger to FRM Three Hurrahs event so that it fires if AI PRU version of Three Hurrays fires added triggers to FRA italian intervention events 7210-7212 to not fire if FRA has alliance with one of the other major Italian states extended expire date to end of 1935 on a few missed revolt.txt entries added atwar = no triggers to Meiji Restoration events to prevent firing while NIP at war reworked PRU German unification events to trigger new GER events 3011-3014 to fix problem with single party Zentrumpartei government that often results from German unification

Changelog For Hotfix 3

Note : You must have installed Hotfix 2 first before applying this hotfix

  • fixed incorrect event command in USA14199 - now will trigger MEX14804 instead of MEX14803
  • adjusted life rating adjustment for Mombasa once claimed so it remains 35
  • fixed setflag commands on FRA7234, and changed start date on FRA7236, to ensure firing of Fall of French Empre event
  • fixed setflag command for AUS1525
  • fixed incorrect tag listings in party file for ATJ

Changelog For Hotfix 2

Note : You must have installed Hotfix 1A first before applying this hotfix

  • added sleepevent command to Cavaignac wins election event 7205 to sleep Louis Napoleon winning as well
  • added badboy reduction for German and Italian unification events.
  • removed extraneous trigger from ENG36910
  • fixed province impacted on gold event in 21133
  • events to raise life ratings in colonies upon colonization added to province_owner.txt
  • adjusted overseas multiplier effects for France AIs to reduce overgarrisoning of colonies at expense of mainland
  • temporarily commented out events for AUS and GER demobilization and elimination of High seas fleet while problems with delete_unit in human games is worked on.
  • Changed trigger on SPA7705 (Spanish succession crisis) and FRA7234 (France reacts to Prussia accept) so that all triggers are in start of chain with Spanish event
  • Added new end slavery event for USA and BRZ in economic_events.txt for ahistoric paths that result in no slavery ending
  • Tweaked triggers on generic end slavery event so will not fire for CSA

Changelog For Hotfix 1A

  • changes deathdates for revolters from 1920 to 1935
  • added event flags to AI files to prevent liberal revolution from firing in 1914 for ENG, FRA, GER, RUS, AUS, ITA, ROM, SER, TUR. BEL
  • Changed triggers and affects of Bismarck social reforms to be in line with 1914 levels and not fire if players have better reforms
  • Changed date of campaign start for '36 USA so that elections happen later in '36
  • added rejection opitons to US and Mexico Guadalupe-Hidalgo events
  • added flag FrancoPrussianYes to events surrounding start and end of Franco-Prussian War
  • added conservative party to California party file
  • uniform colors for sprites for the Chinese revolters edited to provide greater contrast among units.
  • fixed erroneous cores in revolt entries for U22 (Turkey) and U23 (Azerbaijan)
  • added Texan to national cultures for CSA in 1861 Scenario
  • fixes triggers on Serbia asks for terms event in 1914.txt.
  • Missing POP in Campos 2463 in '14 scenario fixed.
  • Iwo Jima made full province rather than colony to fix problem with all Kanto being colony at start of GC.
  • further elaborated the peace treaties to end WWI to ensure all parties make peace in 1914.txt
  • Added Flag and Shield for Weimar Germany
  • Fixed erroneous TAG listings for U21 (Yugoslavia) party file.
  • Expanded out RGO Pops in FRA 1836 files
  • Adjusted POPs to add larger capitalist POPs to FRA
  • Adjusted POPs to add larger capitalist POPs to ENG
  • Replaced Paper Mill with Lumber Mill in
  • Replaced Small Arms with Fabric Factory in
  • Replaced 1 Machine Part Factory with glass factory in ENG inc.
  • Raised Plurality to 30 in Fra 1836
  • Raised Plurality to 25 in ENG 1836
  • Adjusted trigger on Louis Philippe Falls event, and added change ruling party command
  • fixed typo in date for tractors invention
  • Added event for BEL to transfer Congo and Arlon to GER if GER wins WWI includes fix to error in the hotfix noted on Paradox' Victoria main forum Victoria : Revolutions Moddable File Unofficial Hotfix #1 thread, post #28
  • Fixed erroneous trigger in invention 182 Late Interwar Fighters
  • End of liberal revolution event adjusted to reduce MIL of liberals
  • Edited AI USCA dissolution event to make it more likely union does not survive
  • Start date for ROM revolter entry set to 1 Jan 1836 to allow creation should RUS get early Tsar of All Slavs event
  • added file France_rhone_alpes.csv (w/o circumflex) to 1861 scenario to fix problem with 1861 scenario not loading for those who apply revolutions to pre-1.03C versions
  • corrected state culture for FRM, ANH and MEI from North german to South german
  • removes S German state culture for SAX as it only has N German pops
  • removed N german state culture for HED, HEK and NAS as they only have S German pops
  • new generic "free the slaves" event added to economic_events.txt for those nations that lack specific events that end slavery in their nations
  • Switched paper to furniture factory in setup for SWE and switched 1 fabric for furniture factory in USA
  • Errors in life rating change for oil provinces in events 21241-21248 fixed
  • Updated colonialLR.txt file in 1914 scenario
  • Updated province.csv with State Machine's life rating rework, with minor modifications in some areas for colonization and other gameplay purposes
  • AI tweaks for RUS later in game to encourage Siberian colonization
  • AI events to adjust colonial Life Ratings once colonized

Download Moddable File Unofficial Hotfixes here (hotfix 5A, apply directly over hotfix 5) (includes all 5 hotfixes, .rar compression format) (includes all 5 hotfixes, .zip compression format)




Fix to Belgium Event error for those who already have Hotfix #1

Instructions :

Replace the file 1914.txt in the folder Victoria\db\events on your harddrive with the folder linked below.

This fix is already included in the 1A Patch above.