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Exported Games

Many of these pages are currently located outside VickyWiki.
We are in the process of integrating the non-wiki overviews into VickyWiki, but this will still take some time.

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== Overviews and statistics ==

=== [[Cheats]] ===
A list of cheat codes that can be used to get extra resources, cash, reduce militancy etc.

=== [[Combat Modifiers]] ===
The combat modifiers that affect battles.

=== [[Crime and Corruption]] ===
Crime and Corruption effects and how to get rid of them. Additionally, the effect of crime fighting spendings on the revolt risk is explained.

=== [[List of tags]] ===
List of all national tags for use in events and modding

=== [[Culture group list]] ===
Overview of all cultures and whether they are considered to be "long-range" or "short-range"

=== [[Industrial Overview]] ===
Gives an overview of how much the various factories/RGOs cost, which techs activate them and some other relevant information.

=== [[Leader Traits]] ===
Shows how the various leader traits affect the units commanded by a given leader.

=== [[Music Listing]] ===
The tunes of Victoria.

=== [[Production Flow Chart]] ===
Shows the flow of resources through your production system; which resources that can be used in the production of other resources etc.

=== [[Reforms, their costs and their effect on militancy]] ===
Shows the cost and the effect of political and social reforms.

=== [[Shortcut keys]] ===
It is a ''must'' to be familiar with the shortcut keys, otherwise you'll end up with deep frustration and carpal tunnel syndrome before 1840... ;)

=== [[Technology_Reference|Techtionary]] ===
Shows all the different applications you can research and inventions you can get, including prerequisites and effects.

=== [[Unit Overview]] ===
Shows the statistics for the various unit types and attachments. The statistics are also available [ at the Paradox forums].

=== [[Unit Progression Overview]] ===

Shows how unit combat statistics and supply costs evolve over time with military research.

===[[Exported games]]===

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== Atlas ==
Overviews of the provinces in the game, ordered by assorted criterea:
*[[Provinces by geography]]
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| The provinces divided by continents, regions and states.
*[[Provinces by ID]]
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| The provinces ordered by their ID.
*[[Provinces by name]]
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| The provinces ordered by their name.
*[[Provinces by resource, Part 1]]
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| Provinces ordered by resource, ''Cattle'' through ''Iron''.
*[[Provinces by resource, Part 2]]
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| Provinces ordered by resource, ''Opium'' through ''Wool''.
*[[Oil provinces]]
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| Provinces that will eventually begin producing oil.

== Maps ==

Due to the increased number of [[Maps]], they have been moved to a seperate article.

== Calculations and formulaes ==

=== [[How research options are selected]] ===
AKA "The throroughly methodical Traditional Academic Circle"

=== [[POP Income Formulae]] ===
Describes how each POP's income is calculated.

=== [[POP Spending Habits]] ===
Explains how POPs spend their income and buy goods from the World Market.

=== [[Score and Ratings Calculations]] ===
Explains how the overall score and the PRE/IND/MIL ratings are calculated.

=== [[Production Output]] ===
Explains how the output of RGOs and factories are calculated.

=== [[Research point generation]] ===
Describes how research points are calculated.


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