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Gotikiller's VikkitoHOI Resource Converter Version 4.00: added my version of the converter
Here you'll find various utilities that can help you in playing and modding Victoria.

== The "Goodies"-stuff from the CD ==

Paradox has provided all these "as is", i.e. don't expect any official support for them.

=== [ Flag Template] ===

Helps you in creating new flags for use in Victoria (or elsewhere)

=== [ Modern Day Flags] ===

A collection of modern day flags, both as flags such as they are used by units and as shields

=== [ Party Editor] ===

Helps you create and edit parties for your Victorian nations

=== [ Pop Maker] ===

Helps you create and edit POPs of all kinds.

=== [ Shield Template] ===

Helps you create new shields to represent your nation and/or government. Also handy for creating new avatars for the forums ;)

* Note that you can also download all the "goodies"-stuff in one large bundle, found here:

== [[|Gotikiller's VikkitoHOI Resource Converter Version 4.00]] ==
[[|Source Code]]

[[Vikki to HOI Readme]]

[[|Edited version that fixes an int parse error with source included]]

== [[Media:Gotikiller'‎|Gotikiller's Vikki Pop Splitter v 3.00]] ==
[[Media:Gotikiller'‎|Source Code]]

== Gotikiller's Pop Splitter (Updated by Dietmar1982) ==
[[Media:POP_Splitter_v5.5.rar‎ |POP Splitter version 5.5]]
see the details link [ se here for details]

[[Media:POPSplitter_5.5_Source_Code.rar‎ |Source Code for version 5.5]]

== [[EU2Vic]] ==

This utility lets you convert savegames from EU2 into Victoria games.

== [[EU3toRev]] ==

This utility lets you convert savegames from EU3 into Victoria games.

== [ Yarrick's Party Editor] ==

Yarrick has made a party editor for Victoria; quite nice since there have been some problems with the one that was (supposed to be) included with the game.

== [ Spoonists's Event Builder] ==

A handy utility for anyone making events for Victoria. It also has a [ comment and feedback thread] at the Paradox forums.

== [[Media:Factoryoutput.rar|Boron's factory profit calculator]] ==

Excel spreadsheet put together by Boron for calculating factory profit and related things.

== [ Unknown's generarized screen switch] ==

A tool which enables you to play Victoria in either windowed or full screen mode.

== [ Unknown's Resolution Changer] ==

A tool which enables you to play Victoria in different resolution. (eg. 1280x768, 1600x1200)

== [ Unknown's Ever Running Patcher] ==

A tool which makes your Vicky keeps running while inactive.

== [ Pegasus Hexa Wizard] ==
A tool for one-click editing of executable. It can be used to enable you to play in higher resolution or windowed mode. And maybe even more... [ Screenshot]

== [ Dominik's POPEdit] ==

A tool which allows to create/edit/delete POPs quite efficiently.

== Kinniken's VictoriaEditor ==

Kinniken's Victoria Editor v0.5.1

[[Media:VictoriaEditor 0.5.1|VictoriaEditor]] (25 MB)

[[|Java source code]] (24 MB)

[[ck:Third Party Utilities]]
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