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Crime and Corruption

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Revolt Risk
===Some Notes on Revolt Risk===(originally hosted at httpSee also://[[Dealing_with_Rebellions#Some_Notes_on_Revolt_Risk)<br>*There are four factors that contribute to the revolt risk in your provinces: the '''militancy''' of your POPs, '''nationalism''', '''war exhaustion''' and the amount of money you are spending on '''crime-fighting'''. The effect of each of these is explained below.*Apparently, the revolt risk in each province is supposed to be checked by the game engine daily (and rebellions generated accordingly). However, the revolt risk as displayed in the interface when you click on a province (eg “Revoltrisk: 1.92%”) does '''NOT''' represent the percent chance that a POP in the province will revolt per day. For example, a province with 100% revolt risk will NOT generate one rebellion per day (as it should if the revolt risk percentage was a per day figure)! At this point I am unsure as to what length of time the revolt risk percentage holds true for (but it is definitely longer than daily).*POPs with a militancy of 7 or higher will generate / add to revolt risk in their province and may rebel.*POPs with a militancy of 10 generate '''the same''' amount of revolt risk as POPs with a militancy of 9.*POPs that are not one of your national cultures (and have a militancy of 7 or higher) generate '''double''' the revolt risk that national culture POPs do.*The revolt risk for a province is the '''sum''' of the individual revolt risks generated by each POP with a militancy of 7 or higher that are in the province (excepting the effects of nationalism and war exhaustion as explained below). For example, if a province with only one POP with a militancy of 7 has a revolt risk of 0.25%, a province with only one POP with a militancy of 8 has a revolt risk of 0.63%, and province with only one POP with a militancy of 9 has a revolt risk of 2.50%, then a province with three POPs with a militancy of 7, 8 and 9 respectively will have a revolt risk of 3.38% (ie 0.25% + 0.63% + 2.50%).*In a province where there is nationalism (ie one that you have annexed from another nation less than 10 years previously which is not one of your cores), '''any''' POP can revolt (even one with a militancy of 0). Nationalism adds revolt risk to each of your recently annexed provinces '''without''' changing the actual militancy of any of the POPs in the province. Nationalism lasts for 10 years after you have annexed the province, and then disappears suddenly and completely.*War exhaustion appears to increase revolt risk by a uniform amount across your entire nation. Similar to nationalism, it can cause '''any''' POP to revolt (even one with a militancy of 0), provided that its province currently has a revolt risk greater than zero (ie, is coloured red on the revolt risk map). If your POPs are suffering from war exhaustion it will be listed amongst their '''consciousness''' modifiers when you look at the POP (AFAIK it doesn’t directly affect their militancy). The effects of war exhaustion will continue for from one month to several years after the conclusion of a war, depending on the level of war exhaustion reached during the war. (NB Even though the percentage war exhaustion disappears from being shown on the main page of the interface once you make peace with your last enemy, it still affects your nation, and will continue to do so until it no longer appears in the list of consciousness modifiers for your POPs) War exhaustion reduces at a slow but uniform rate from the time you make peace with your last enemy until it reaches zero.*Revolt risk is modified by your crime-fighting spending. The higher your crime-fighting spending, the lower your revolt risk, and vice versa. At 100% crime-fighting spending revolt risk is multiplied by 0.5, while at 0% crime-fighting spending revolt risk is multiplied by 1.5 (with crime-fighting spending of 50% being the “neutral” setting where the modifier is 1.0).]]
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