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DISCLAIMER: I am not one of the developers, and my knowledge of the game is far from perfect, so do not take all things presented here to be undeniable truths. If you read things here that don't add up with your own experiences, feel free to voice it in an appropriate way, and I'll use it to keep improving and adding to the FAQ.
Note that this is the [http[forum:// 134541|same FAQ as you can find on the Paradox Victoria GD forum]]. The intention is to keep these FAQs fairly synchronized, even tho' this one might be a bit moe volatile due to its' Wiki-nature and there may be things one place that haven't made it to the other (yet).
: [[User:Rafiki|Rafiki]]
=== How does Victoria compare to other (Paradox) games? ===
[http[Forum:// |Here]] and [http[Forum:// |here]] are discussions about what Victoria really is about and how it compares to other games, especially EU2 and whether or not to buy it.
=== Where can I get it? ===
=== What do other people say about it? ===
[http[Forum:// |This thread]] contains links to assorted reviews about the game. If you want to see what people are saying about the expanion you can look [ here] and [ here]
=== How do I know if I've been playing the game too much? ===
Not that it's possible to play the game "too much", but if you want to know some of the signs that you've been playing it a lot, take a look at [http[Forum:// |this thread]]
The latest patches are available from [ Paradox' download pages].
Currently the latest patch version is 1.04 or 2.01. There still contains some oversights so I'd recommend applying OHGamer's unofficial hotfixes. They can be found [ here] for Victoria or [http[forum:264737//|Hotfix 6 : Posted 7 July 2007]] for Revolutions.
=== Why can't I load a game from within the game? ===
=== Is there an overview of unit and attachment values/modifcators? ===
Yes, the FAQ forum contains [http[forum:// |such an overview]].
If you are interested in 1.03 stats take a look [http[forum:// |here]]. You'll also find one overview [ here].
=== How can I reinforce all units in an army? ===
=== Where can I find information on how to do it? ===
Furthermore, the [http / Scenarios and modifications forum] is the place for asking questions and getting tips on how to modify the game.
An excellent set of guides can be found [ [Mods_and_modding|on this wiki]]
=== Are there any mods made for the game? E.g. like C.O.R.E and AGC/EEP? ===
Yes. The [http / Victoria Improvements Project] is the largest mod project for Victoria, and has already produced a great number of additional events and other additions/changes to the game, with lots more under development.
There are also other mods, addressing specific areas or aspects of the game. Take a look in the [http / User made scenarios and mods-forum] to find these. There, you'll also find tools to help modifying the game.
== Other things ==
=== I can't find an answer to my question here; what do I do now? ===
First, you can [http search/&type=post do a search for it on the Paradox forums]. Lots of questions have been asked and answered before, so it's worth taking a look for it.
You can also simply ask the question yourself. People at the forum tend to be friendly and helpful, and chances are you'll get an informative answer out of it
When doing so, please keep in mind a couple of things:
*Make sure that you have read and understood the [http[forum:// 544261|general forum rules}] as well as the [http[forum:// |Vicky-specific ones]].
*There's a better chance of getting the answer you're looking for if you post it in the appropriate forum; if it's e.g. about modifications, post it in the "scenarios and modifications forum".
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