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The Sino-hanseatic plot

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Basically, all immigration (from one '''country''' to yours) and internal migration (from one '''state''' to another, within your country) threads wrote 'till yet assumed one cannot move any pop from outside Europe to Europe, eg: no chinese in London. Well this is no completely correct, since there is a way - though one might consider it exploitive (=not realistic/or game killer). So beware: if you are looking for a historical simulation, based on VIP, this is '''not''' for you. On the other side, this guides describes the definite way to solve any manpower problems for a minor european nation. To make things easier to understand, we choose to play around with the tiny country of Lübeck (hence the title of this guide).
DISCLAIMER: '''this is not an immigration/internal migration 1001''', we assume you already have basic knowledge about migration mechanism in Victoria:Revolutions. If this is not the case, go and read this guide: [[Immigration/Emigration and Migration Guide]]. A quick internal-migration (as used here) howto can be found [http[forum:441101// |here]].
===Geography in Victoria:Revolutions: how continents work===
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