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During the 18th century for a short while Sweden had it going, but it never quite lasted, now is your chance to change that

Her economy is good, her army and navy reasonable for her needs, yet a nagging need to expand is there.

Good relations with Russia are important if you intend on buying Finnish freedom and Denmark if you hope to unify Scandinavia. In order to unify Scandinavia, Sweden has to "be there" for Denmark, and also see to it that more prestige has been generated up to the point of unification.

Because of her relatively safe position in Europe, combined with a strong economy and high literacy, one strategy is to rack up the prestige points by pursuing the cultural technologies and acquiring some colonies in Africa. (It is possible to become #1 in this way.)

In 1868, there is an event to change voting rights to "Wealth". You probably want to do so. Since the change is free, don't change voting rights manually at a cost.