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When you start a game, you are usually presented with a "Tip of the day", taken from a collection of such. Though the tips available in the official version aren't all bad, there is a lot more that can be said to help both new and experienced players.

The plan

Lets collect as many useful hints and tips in the list below, then we'll edit the files and make a proper mod out of it. There is a thread discussing this issue at the Paradox forums. The first additions have been taken from there.

Hints 1-15 are the original ones that came with the game.

Technical information

The hints themselves are located in the VICTORIA\config\text.csv-file

The hints and tips

There seems to be room for a total of 100 tips in the game, with keys ranging from HINT_1 to HINT_100 (no leading zeros)

  1. By pressing 'ctrl' and '+' or '-' simultaneously, you can change the time compression (game speed).
  2. Pressing '+' or '-' works as a shortcut to changing the map zoom level.
  3. Hitting the 'Pause/Break' button will pause or resume the game.
  4. You can hold down the 'shift' key to add additional destinations to a unit's movement path.
  5. If you hold the mouse still over a button number or symbol on the screen more detailed information will usually appear after 2 seconds.
  6. Double clicking locks/unlocks sliders.
  7. Selecting a friendly port as the final destination for a navy with troops loaded, will automatically unload the troops.
  8. You cannot load troops on a navy in port. Move the navy to an adjacent sea zone first.
  9. The little square to the right of the status bar of a navy indicates it has troops loaded. Clicking that icon is a shortcut to the 'Unload Troops' button.
  10. Leadership is important, use your best leaders to command troops in critical sectors.
  11. Strength reflects the unit's men and material. Organization indicates the unit's combat readiness. Both may fall during combat.
  12. You may replenish a unit's strength by clicking on the unit and then choosing Reinforce to Maximum Strength at the bottom of the Military Screen.
  13. Organization increases as long as an in-supply unit does not move or engage in combat.
  14. By default, Victoria uses animated figures to depict your forces. You can change these figures to standard symbology by clicking the Game Settings icon in the Quick-Navigation panel. Then select Options>Use Counters and click the 'On' radio button.
  15. You can centre the main map view on any location in the world by left-clicking on the location in the overview map.
  16. To claim a colony, all the provinces in it must have colonial buildings. If you control one of each of the diferent types of buildings possible, you may claim the colony regardless of who owns the remaining. If you don't, you must control all provinces.
  17. For changes in the budget screen to be applied, you must first EXIT the budget screen by clicking another menu or the map. It is often useful to let the budget window run for 2-3 days to see if your new settings may run an unforeseen defecit.
  18. If you have negative manpower, convert pops to soldiers. Having a high defence budget will give you more soldiers per conversion
  19. Hit f12 and type badboy to check your Badboy-rating.
  20. Holding SHIFT, CTRL or CTRL+SHIFT keys down will increase money by 1000, 10.000 and 100.000 (respectively) in trade negotiations.
  21. Reinforcing armies can be done easily by pressing the "fist"-icon in the upper right corner of the army detail screen.
  22. Colonies and islands (states that are not connected to your country directly by land route) require convoys in order to produce anything.
  23. Even though many leaders don't have positive modifiers to units' stats, they are still, in most cases, better than having no leader at all, which will give a unit a negative modifier for nearly all ratings.
  24. If you wish to load a savegame while playing, you need to first exit the current game to get back to the game's main menu, and then load it from there.
  25. Clerks are more efficient in factories than craftsmen, but you must have at least as many craftsmen as you have clerks.
  26. In order to grant statehood to a colony, it must either be on the same continent as your capital, or contain a province that has one of your state cultures as the largest culture.
  27. At VickyWiki ( you'll find overviews, essays about aspects of the game and other stuff that can help you learn and master the game.
  28. Hitting the "Shift" and "?" keys simultaneously will open a search box allowing you to search for any province or country on the map. Type in the province/country name, hit "Enter" and the map will centre on that province or country.
  29. You can only open trade negotiations with another country if you have a positive prestige