The Victoria Manual

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  1. Introduction to the manual
  2. The Map
    The Terrain, Political, Economic, Infrastructure, and Revoltrisk views; map organization
  3. POPs
    The Different POP types and their uses; merging, splitting, migration, and efficiency
  4. The Budget
    Description of the screen; the functions and effects of the various sliders
  5. Industrialization
    Construction of factories; the implementation of POPs; POP efficiency; railroads
  6. Trade
    Pros and cons of the auto-trade system; stockpiles; the international aspect of trade
  7. Politics
    Government types; economic, religious, minority, trade, and military policies
  8. Reforms
    Political reforms and their effects; social reforms and their effects
  9. Diplomacy
    Diplomatic points; diplomatic actions in peace; trading techs; buying land and claims
  10. The Army
    Manpower, leadership, and generals; the various units and their modifiers; attachments
  11. The Navy
    The various units and their modifiers; attachments; naval power as used in the game
  12. Mobilization and the Reserves
    How to form and use mobilized troops and reserves; pros and cons of mobilization
  13. War
    Combat modifiers; occupying provinces; reinforcement; attrition; peace negotiations
  14. The Big Three
    Plurality; Consciousness; Militancy
  15. Other Concepts
    Prestige; badboy; national cultures; war score; war exhaustion
  16. Research and Technologies
    An introduction to research in the game; research points; intellectual establishments
  17. Colonies
    The various claim buildings; how to claim a colony; benefits of a colonial empire
  18. Very Frequently Asked Questions
    The Unification of Italy; the Unification of Germany; the Unification of Scandinavia; how to become civilized; which country to play; purchases off the world market; the American Civil War; the Liberal Revolution; granting statehood to colonies; the ledger and its uses

Or, if you like, you can simply view the Manual as one loooong page: The complete Victoria manual