United States of Central America

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Note: This is played using VIP:R 0.2 + Hotfix 2

The USCA is a nation with endemic problems, corruption, low budget, small to non existent industry, a poor army, bad generals and a rebellious population wishing to break the USCA apart at the seams.

It is a recipe for disaster.

Yet ruthless gameplay can lead to potential expansion and claiming a place amongst the Second Rank, a First Rank placing is probably out of the question due to the high bad boy rating that would be aquired in climbing so high.


Short Term

Keep USCA From Breaking Up.

Long Term

Get Great Power status.

Places For Expansion

The USCA unfortunately doesn't have much room for expansion. To the north and south you find countries that are much stronger then you, but not out of reach. For your fist expansion, I would suggest Haiti. Haiti is a great place to expand and all you need is a few transports. Later, you should try going after Mexico, Colombia, and the Spanish Colonies.


The USCA's economy is weak. Very weak! So to get it going follow these steps:

1. All Taxes to 49.22%

2. Education to 75-100%

3. Crime Fighting to 100%

4. Defense to 100% (You'll need the manpower soon)

5. Army to 100%

6. Navy to 0%

7. Tariffs as far as you can go

The Break-Up Of The USCA

The event that dissolves the USCA comes fast. You need to make shore you have at least 2 divisions by then to calm the rebels, but 3 is best. It shouldn't take long for your manpower to build up, and if necessary change some farmers or laborers into soldiers. Dont deploy your new divisions from the reserve as the event has a 50% chance for each division to join the rebels. When the event fires, choose "Side With Francisco Morazan (Liberal)." You should get about three rebels at this time. Don't Panic! Send 1 division to each rebel and they should defeat the rebels. If they don't, join forces and then attack. You should continue to get rebels for a little while after, but they will be easy to settle.tac But try to avoid to attack strong rebels divisions, as the terrain can cause heavy losses for the attacking side.


After the rebels, and you successfully keep the USCA together you are basically free to do as you please. Because of your location a world of opportunities are available to you. Happy gaming!