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Here you'll find various utilities that can help you in playing and modding Victoria.

The "Goodies"-stuff from the CD

Paradox has provided all these "as is", i.e. don't expect any official support for them.

Flag Template

Helps you in creating new flags for use in Victoria (or elsewhere)

Modern Day Flags

A collection of modern day flags, both as flags such as they are used by units and as shields

Party Editor

Helps you create and edit parties for your Victorian nations

Pop Maker

Helps you create and edit POPs of all kinds.

Shield Template

Helps you create new shields to represent your nation and/or government. Also handy for creating new avatars for the forums ;)

Gotikiller's VikkitoHOI Resource Converter Version 4.00

Source Code

Vikki to HOI Readme

Edited version that fixes an int parse error with source included

Gotikiller's Vikki Pop Splitter v 3.00

Source Code

Gotikiller's Pop Splitter (Updated by Dietmar1982)

POP Splitter version 5.5 see the details link se here for details

Source Code for version 5.5


This utility lets you convert savegames from EU2 into Victoria games.


This utility lets you convert savegames from EU3 into Victoria games.

Yarrick's Party Editor

Yarrick has made a party editor for Victoria; quite nice since there have been some problems with the one that was (supposed to be) included with the game.

Spoonists's Event Builder

A handy utility for anyone making events for Victoria. It also has a comment and feedback thread at the Paradox forums.

Boron's factory profit calculator

Excel spreadsheet put together by Boron for calculating factory profit and related things.

Unknown's generarized screen switch

A tool which enables you to play Victoria in either windowed or full screen mode.

Unknown's Resolution Changer

A tool which enables you to play Victoria in different resolution. (eg. 1280x768, 1600x1200)

Unknown's Ever Running Patcher

A tool which makes your Vicky keeps running while inactive.

Pegasus Hexa Wizard

A tool for one-click editing of executable. It can be used to enable you to play in higher resolution or windowed mode. And maybe even more... Screenshot

Dominik's POPEdit

A tool which allows to create/edit/delete POPs quite efficiently.

Kinniken's VictoriaEditor

Kinniken's Victoria Editor v0.5.1

VictoriaEditor (25 MB)

Java source code (24 MB)

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