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written by Gotikiller January 20, 2007


Vikki to HOI ResourceConverter is an application written in C# for taking resource/manpower information from a Victoria save file and then placing this data into a DD save file.

Important Note on Manpower Conversion:

NOTE: Manpower is calculated by the converter in terms of the in game percentage values (i.e. a 100,000 person pop in a Victoria save file is labeled as 1, a 50,000 person pop is labeled as .5, and a 38,000 person pop is .38, etc.) So if you leave the manpower ratio at 1, you will only get manpower increases of 1,.5, or .3/pop (you may get some at a higher amount, since the converter pools all of the manpower together, but it will still be relatively small)

In Victoria at full defense spending, army maintenance, and a jingoistic party, manpower is based on the size of a soldier pop (i.e. 100,000 pops) divided by 1000, so a 100,000 soldier pop will produce 100 manpower.

So to get a 1 to 1 conversion of manpower to DD (i.e. for every 1 manpower a pop would produce in Victoria, the province it is located in will also receive 1 manpower of production), you need to set the manpower ratio to 100.


1. Start Victoria. Start a game with the save file you want to convert. Once the game starts, leave the game paused.

2. Then, use the in game export function to create a DD save file. This file will be automatically stored in your /Victoria/scenarios/exported games/ folder.

3. Open up the ResourceConverter.

4. Change Any of the Resource/Manpower Ratios you wish to change.

5. Click on the button labeled "Select DD Export File". An Open File Dialog box will appear. If you have Victoria installed to the default directory, then the Open File Dialog box will open to C:/Program Files/Paradox Entertainment/Victoria/scenarios/exported games/ automatically, if not it should open to the folder where you installed the resourceconverter. You will have to then navigate to where ever you installed Victoria, go into the exported games folder and select the correct DD save file manually.

6. Once you are in the exported games folder, click on the DD save file that was created by the in game export function and then click select on the Open File Dialog Box. You should then return to the application GUI, with the file path to the DD file path you selected in the lower of the two text boxes.

7. Click on the button labeled "Select Victoria File". Do the same as in 5 and 6, except instead of selected the DD save file that the in game export function created, you will select the Victoria save file that you loaded in step 1.

8. Press Convert and the utility will begin working.

9. When the converter is finished, a message box will pop up saying success. Navigate to where you installed the ResourceConverter and open the folder labeled "Output". Your new save file will be in there. Move that save file into your DD Program Folder and put it either in the scenario or in the save game folder (it really doesnt matter which, leaving it in scenario puts it at the bottom of the in game scenario select list, and putting it in save game puts it at the bottom of the in game save game list).

10. Start up DD, load up the new file, have a good time =).

Changes in version 4.00**

1. Added a configuration file named config.cfg. There are two settings you can change in the file, 1. whether or not to round down to 100 if the manpower in a province is over 100 (which I suggest you do, because HOI's max manpower number is 100 and thus you will have an error when you load the game), and 2. if you want all pops to be counted under manpower or only soldier pops. The rational is that in WWII, the whole population of a nation was utilized as Manpower and thus should be counted. If you change the values, change them only to either "true" or "false", otherwise you will get an error. In both of these situations I figured that it was not my place to choose what you, the player wanted, and thus I gave you the option in the cfg file.

2. Fixed a bunch of bugs.

3. Got the manpower converter to work correctly