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To use these cheats, you need to open the console by pressing F12, then enter the cheat code (including parameters) you wish to use. To close the console, press control-F12, then enter.


INFO <cid> - Country Information
BADBOY - Show your badboy score
TRANSPORTS - Get Transports
PRESTIGE - Get Prestige
MONEY - Get loads of Money
LEADERSHIP - Get Leadership points
MANPOWER - Get Manpower points
DIFRULES - Play like a God (toggle)
NOWAR - No War (toggle)
NOLIMIT - No Troops Limits (toggle)
NOFOG - No Fog (toggle)
HANDSOFF - Hands off all (toggle)
SHOWID - Get Province IDs (toggle)
FULLCONTROL - Total Control
REVOLT - Total Loss of Control
NEVILLE - AI now folds to all demands and suggestions! (toggle)
DUMP <cid> - Get statistics dump for a country. (what does this do?)
SAVESTATS - Saves a file called statistics.csv in your main Victoria directory with an overview of all active countries and their tags.
AI <cid> - Saves a file called ai_info.txt in your main Victoria directory with the country tag and possibly game specific AI information. (what exactly does this do?)
INFO <cid> - Shows some information on a country: amount of cash, loans, income, expenses, current colonizations, railroad building activities, and other building activities.
STATE <number: ?state id?> - Saves a file called states.txt in your main Victoria directory (what does the number do?) specifying all current states that are active in the game, and what provinces are in those states.
GOTO <provid> - (what does this do?)
TELEPORT <provid> - (what does this do?)
SAVE <directory/name> or LOAD <directory/name> - saves the game in the \scenarios\ directory (not \savegames) and loads it (be careful with loading, this may lead to a ctd).
LANGUAGE <0-9> - switch in-game language (0 is English)


There is a suggestion that typing in resource names will give you 100 of that resource. If you type a resource name followed by a number, you will get that number of that resource.

small_arms - gives you 100 small arms
precious_metal - gives you 100 precious_metals
(name # - gives you # of the 'name')

Some potential other keywords: cotton, dye, tobacco, tea, coffee, opium, wool, silk, cattle, fish, fruit, grain, coal, sulphur, iron, precious_metal, timber, tropical_wood, rubber, oil, steel, cement, glass, fuel, ammunition, small_arms, fertilizer, barrels, explosives, clipper_convoy, steamer_convoy, machine_parts, automobiles, aeroplanes, electric_gear, telephones, wine, liquor, canned_food, fabric, regular_clothes, luxury_clothes, lumber, paper, furniture, luxury_furniture


These are available in the events file, this is just for simple reference. These are just some of the common events that will help achieve common ends. Events for specific nations are not listed.

Note that as of patch 1.03, you cannot trigger events unless you have fulfilled their requirements (trigger conditions), which limits the range of events you can use as cheats.

event 22013 - decreases the militancy of your entire nation
event 23100 - gives you a commie revolution
event 23102 - gives you a right wing coup
event 24000 - gives you 10,000 cash
event 24008 - unexpected invention: adds 8 research points
event 24012 - a free rail track
event 24013 - gold rush: raises precious metals output
event 24017 - young men rally to the flag: free infantry division (still comes out of your manpower though)
event 24018 - young men rally to the flag and they brought their own horses: free dragoon division (still costs a division worth of manpower though)
event 24019 - young nobles don't realize how good they have it and sign up for the army: free calavry divison (once again correspoding manpower is removed from your pool)
event 24020 - improves you relations with three random countries
event 24025 xxx - where "xxx" is the tag for the nation that will get the event. It destroys a random factory.
event 24037 - gives you a free random tech
event 24044 or event 24043 - research cheat
event 556 - +20% Production


event <invention_id> - gives you the specified invention (they work exactly like normal events)

A full overview of inventions is available in the Techtionary.


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