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Confederate States


The CSA starts off in a desperate position, at war with the United States, an enemy with overwhelming manpower and economic ability. Even if a player is able to stave of the first assault of US troops, they return almost every five years in an attempt to gain more. However, a CSA player with considerable know-how and the proper strategies can quickly and easily win the Civil War and be able to prepare for the next attack by the USA. Thusly, this guide is offered from the Paradox Forums:

HannibalBarca's definitive guide to winning the Civil War as the CSA

(Pause the game) 1. Firstly, begin researching the next military tech "Point Defense System."

2. On the budget screen, set education and crime fighting to full, tariffs to full (allowed), and taxes to full. (allowed) You should have positive income as long as the tariff money holds out.

3. Increase mobilization and mobilize. Reinforce the divisions in Virginia with the now available manpower first, and then start reinforcing those in Tennesse.

4. In Knoxville, convert the 19,000 Dixie laborers to soldiers. Then, in Nashville, convert the 45,000 Dixie Farmers to soldiers. This should give you enough extra MP to reinforce all divisions, raise another one (you have only enough food and small arms for one) and carry on the fighting with the rest.

5. Order all units in Virginia to Fredricksburg, and give Lee the the Army of Northern Virginia.

6. Order the 2 units in TN and the 1 in Arkansas to march on Bowling Green, KY. This will draw much of the enemy force out of the Eastern Theatre. (Unpause)

7. On July 16th, all units should have arrived in Fredricksburg. Merge them and march to Staunton. (If the Yankees capture it, your factories in Virginia will be badly affected, and that makes for a difficult post-war)

8. Once all units in the West reach Bowling Green, merge them and, after Bowling Green is liberated, march on Louisville.

9. Around August 6th, the one Yankee division defending Staunton should have been beaten back. There should be another Yankee division in Lynchburg now, most likely cavalry. Detatch the Army of Northern Virginia's cavalry division and ride to Lynchburg. (Lynchburg is important to defend, as it is the back door to Richmond)

10. Once the Yankee cavalry retreats, keep your cavalry there until you can assign one of your mobilized divisions to defend Lynchburg.

11. Around September 15th, the mobilized divisions should be ready. Place one in Lynchburg, another in Staunton (garrisons) and the remaining 2 go to the Army of Kentucky. March Lee's Army in Staunton and the Cavalry division in Lynchburg back to Fredricksburg, and merge them once they get there.

-A side note, make sure to keep an eye on your income and factory needs, if you want to have a somewhat nice nation after the war.

12. Sometime around the mobilization, you should have gotten 3 more leadership for a second general. Give Jackson the Army of Kentucky. At this point, the US should begin to send peicemeal attacks against the positions in Louisville. Hold your position, do not attempt to chase the Yanks into Ohio. Continue to reinforce Jackson's army after every battle.

13. Eventually the Yanks will either try to hit Nashville or Bowling Green. This is your signal to pull back from Lousiville to defend whichever province is under attack. After defeating the Yankee incursion, march back to Bowling Green and remain there, hopefully for the rest of the war.

14. Soon enough, most of the Yankee army will have marched out west, leaving only a small garrison in Manassas. Attack with the Army of Northern Virginia!

15. Around November 15th, that one extra division you raised should be ready. Deploy it to Fredricksburg and march it to the battle in Manassas.

16. By December, the Yankee army should have pulled back to DC. Merge the ANV with the new division once it reaches Manassas. Liberate Manassas, reinforce, AND MARCH ON THE YANKEE CAPITAL!

-Another side note, after you take your defensive positions in Bowling Green, remember to check regularly to make sure the Yankees aren't trying to steal Memphis from under your nose. If they are, march Jackson there, beat them back, and hurry back to Bowling Green.

17. Be aware, the Yankees will fight TO THE DEATH for Washington. If you ever become outnumbered as they frantically pull divisions back from Kentucky, retreat back to Manassas. Hopefully, though, you acted to quickly for them to be able to stop you.

18. When the Conscription Act comes up on April 2nd, you have to make a choice. If you think you can whip the Yankees with what you've got, then take the 25 prestige. If you think that Lee or Jackson needs a bit more insurance, or if the USA has started to march across the undefended fields of Texas, then go ahead and pass the act.

19. Sometime before or after the Conscription act, the last of the Yankee divisions in DC should have been wiped out. Liberate Washington, reinforce Lee's army, merge with the conscription act units (if you chose to pass said act) and march on Philly.

20. After Washington falls, more and more Yankee divisions will come out of the west. Hang on to Philly and garrison DC until....


Southern Revolutions

If you're playing the CSA in Victoria:Revolutions, you may want to give the Southern Revolutions mod a try. It adds many new events for the CSA, solves the "Every Five Years War" with the USA problem, and generally increases the odds of a CSA game being long-lived. Click on the link above for more information.