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The converter converts:
The converter converts:
* Money
* Money
* Loans
* Loans
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* Merchants
* Merchants
* Population
* Population

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Eu2Vic is a save game conversion utility produced to convert EU2 savegames into the Victoria format. A EU2 savegame from any date can be converted, but the target Victoria date is always 1836, the year the Grand Campaign starts. The converter tries to convert held and national provinces, capitals, victory points to prestige and money from EU2 to Victoria as closely as possible. Some things that could have been converted have been deliberately left out, such as wars and controlled provinces; it did not feel feasible to program for (at minimum) 1820-1836 wars as too much would change during that time.

The converter in it's present state converts savegames from vanilla EU2 to vanilla Victoria 1.03 or above. That means that it will work with every patch released by Paradox for either EU2 or Victoria after 1.03. If converting either from or to a modded game, oddities can occur. And the "Countries.txt" and "Cultures.txt" files will probably have to be changed as new countries and cultures are created, removed or changed in some modded games.

If pop conversion is used, keep in mind that to get a maximized population it is required that the game is converted late, around (1820). This because the number of POPs a country gets in Vic correlates with the population size in EU2. Also, if a province has seen a lot of war it is almost certain to get a low population. This also goes for tech conversion. That is, convert late if you want good techs as a converted game is like a foot print of the EU2 game.

The converter converts:

  • Money
  • Loans
  • Inflation
  • Prestige
  • Provinces
  • States
  • Country Religion
  • Technology
  • Factories
  • Military units
  • Resources
  • Diplomacy
  • Badboy
  • Diplomatic influence
  • Policy
  • Fortresses
  • Social reforms
  • Literacy
  • Vassalage
  • Alliances
  • Merchants
  • Population

Getting it and talking about it

Victoria: EU2Vic

Victoria Revolutions (new!): EU2Rev

This project has its own subforum at Paradox.

Other converters

Converter from EU3 to Vic:Rev (new version!): EU3ToRev_0.1.1.zip‎

Converter from Vic or Vic:Rev to HoI2 (new version!): VicToHoI2_1.03.zip

Support files for non-standard EU2


Start EU2Vic.exe. Choose if you want the population to be converted by checking the box (if not, Vic GC pop is used). Click "Convert" and you will be prompted a EU2 file to convert. After that you will be prompted a Victoria file name to save the converted game to. Move the converted file to the "Scenario" folder or the "save games" folder. Start Victoria and you should be able to load the converted game.

There are special events written for the converter. How they are incorporated with the converter is explained in the "ReadmeforEvents.txt" file in the "events" folder. These events will only fire if playing a converted game.

If the program does not start and a message comes up saying "Failed to locate "Data\[filename].txt" Program is aborting...", then your zip program probably does not unpack folders. What todo then is create a folder where your converter is located and name it "data" and put the files "Countries.txt", "Cultures.txt", "Factories.txt", "Headers.txt", "Includes.txt", "Provinces.txt" and "States.txt" in that folder. After that the program should start without problems.


The following is a rough list of team members, probably many have been forgotten who's ideas have been incorporated into the project. If you feel left out, please tell us and we shall include your forum name (and/or real one).

  • Team leaders: MSVNConsolegenerale, Chaingun, MontyP
  • Programmers: Chaingun, MontyP
  • ID converters: kokomo, G-Klav, Lord Asharak, Chaingun, MontyP
  • Country converters: Ironfoundersson, Chaingun, MontyP
  • Population converter: MontyP
  • State converter: MontyP
  • Events: Emre Yigit, Sutekh, MontyP
  • Testers: Emre Yigit, Golden_Deliciou
  • Original idea: ohm's_law

Once again, thanks to all people who have in any way participated with their verbal input into this project!

How it works

Generate money

Money is generated as follows: (treasury * 8) / (1 + inflation)

Loans are repaid before money is calculated.

EU2 Loans are converted to Vic loans

Loans are generated as follows: (loans * 2) / (1 + inflation)

Inflation affects your tax efficiency and factory cost

Tax efficiency = (1 - (inflation - 0.2 ) * 0.25))

Factory cost = (1 + (inflation - 0.2 ) * 0.25))

Generate prestige

Vic prestige is generated as follows: VP * 0.05


Provinces are converted from EU2 to Victoria as closely as possible. Controlled provinces are not converted.

Controlled provinces are not converted by default, but EU2Rev introduces a new tag in 'Cultures.txt' called 'convert_war', and if this new tag is set to 'yes' controlled provinces are converted.

In the EU2Rev converter there also is a new tag in the 'Cultures.txt' file called 'colonizing_uncolonized'. With this tag it is possible to colonize land not colonized before a conversion. There are a few areas added already, manly for colonizing North America if no one already owns it. To get rid of this feature, simply remove all tags called 'uncolonized'.


All provinces that are non national provinces become colonies after a conversion (i.e. not states).

Country Religion conversion

The converter converts country religion according to the following schedule:

EU2 Victoria
catholic catholic
counterreform catholic
protestant protestant
reformed protestant
orthodox orthodox
sunni sunni
shiite shiite
confucianism mahayana
buddhism theravada
hinduism hindu
pagan pagan

Technology generation

Each of the four tech values in EU2 must reach a certain level (base value) for it to be converted to a Vic tech. The values are converted (EU2 - Vic) army - army, navy - navy, trade - commerce, infra - industry. From that EU2 base value the victorian tech is incremented, depending on the EU2 tech level, to a maximum Vic tech value. Culture is an average value of the converted techs.

Example Army tech:

EU2 value Vic value
41 1
44 2
49 3
53 4
58 5
60 6


Vic tech EU2 base value Vic Max
army 41 6
navy 41 8
commerce 5 10
culture - 6
industry 6 8

If a country has not reached at least land and navy 40, trade 6, and infra 5 - it will be considered an uncivilized nation (i.e primitive = yes). Does not apply to countries in EU2 techgroup "latin", they never become uncivilized (most of the European coutries).

Factories generation

The type of factory you get depend on the type of EU2 manufactory you have. The factories are added thru the file "Factories.txt". You only get factories in national provinces. If a country has reached trade and infra tech level 5 it gets two in each area otherwise it gets one. If a country has 10 or more manufactories in national provinces a machine parts factory is added to the capitol. If a country has 15 or more manufactories anywhere a machine parts factory is added in a national province if the country has at least one manufactory in a national province. This means that a country can get a maximum of two machine parts factories after a conversion.

One (and only one) naval shipyard in a national territory is counted as a naval manufactory when calculating factories (the provinces has to have a manufactory for it to count though).

The factories are added depending on manufactory type. The factories are added in the same order as they are listed in the file "facories.txt". For example if you have three weapons manufactories and you have reached infra and trade level 5 and the list look like below, you get a steel factory and a ammunition factory in the first territory found with a weapons manufactory, in the second you get a small arms factory and a fertilizer factory, in the third province you don't get any factory at all.

weapon = {

That way there is a maximum limit on the number of factories a country can have. It depends on the amount of factories in the "Factories.txt" file.

It is very easy to change factory setup. Open the "factories.txt" file, and add or remove factories under the different manufactory type as fits best.

Generate military

Land units are generated from the EU2 forces to Vic forces 10:1 in the region they where at. You only get infantry, cavalry and infantry with artillery. A EU2 force has to be 10000 to become a Vic unit (Except artillery, you need 75 artillery to get an artillery unit). If smaller the army will be added up until it reaches 10000. All units created have 100 strength. They have the main culture of the country (the first culture in the culture tag) as culture. If a country has not reached EU2 army tech level 35 the 'infantry' units are 'irregulars'.

Naval units are generated from the EU2 fleets to Vic fleets 5:1 in the region they where at. Warships are converted to Manowars, Galleys to Frigates and transports to transports. EU2 fleets has consist of 5 ships to become a Vic fleet. If smaller the navy will be added up until it reaches 5. All fleets have 100 strength. They have the main culture of the country (the first culture in the culture tag) as culture.

Resources are added individually for each country

Primitive (uncivilized) countries only get wool and iron. All other get the standard setting:

Type Amount
cement 100
lumber 100
steel 50
coal 10
wine 100
canned_food 100
luxury_clothes 20
small_arms 80
explosives 50
liquor 45
artillery 50
clipper_convoy 2

Machine parts are added depending on EU2 infra level according to the following list:

Infra Machine parts
6 5
7 10
8 15
9 20
10 25

Diplomacy conversion

All countries get their EU2 relations directly translated to Vic relations.

Badboy conversion

All countries get their badboy value converted from EU2.

Diplomatic influence conversion

All countries get their diplomatic influence converted from EU2. Influence = number of diplomats * 0.5.

Policy conversion

  • voting_rights: Default value is "none". You can't get suffrage. If serfdom <= 1 and aristocracy <= 4 you get "wealth". Else if If serfdom <= 1 and aristocracy >= 5 you get "landed".
  • press_rights: Default value is "state_press". If serfdom < 1 and centralization > 9 and innovative > 9 you get "free_press". Else if serfdom < 2 and centralization > 8 and innovative > 6 you get "censorship".
  • political_parties: Default value is "none_allowed". If centralization > 6 and innovative > 6 and if voting_rights is not "none" you get "right_to_ban". Else if centralization > 8 and innovative > 8 and if voting_rights is not "none" you get "all_allowed".
  • trade_unions. Default value is "none". You can't get "all_allowed", maybe you shouldn't be able to get socialist??? If serfdom < 2 and innovative > 9 you get "non_socialist".
  • public_meetings: Default value is "yes". If serfdom > 9 you get "no".
  • national_value: Default value is "order". If aristocracy < 3 and innovative > 7 and voting_rights is not "none" you get "liberty". Else if innovative > 8 and voting_rights is not "none" you get "equailty".

Fortress conversion

A EU2 territory with a lvl 5 fort is converted to a lvl 1 fort in Vic a in the main territory. If a lvl 6 fort, another lvl 1 fort is added to another Vic province within the EU2 territory. Fortressconversion only applies when POP conversion is chosen.

Social reforms conversion

Only helth care and safety regulations are converted, and they get "trinkets" if both serfdom and aristocrasy are less than 1. The other social reforms get "none".

Vassalage conversion

Vassals in EU2 are made satellites after conversion. Countries that are merged don't get their vassalage converted (two exceptions; Castille and Moscovy).

Alliances conversion

Alliances are converted from EU2. Countries that are merged don't get their alliances converted (two exceptions; Castille and Moscovy).

Merchants conversion

Civilized countries get each established merchant in a CoT converted to two clipper_convoy's. Uncivilized countries get each established merchant in a CoT converted to one clipper_convoy.

Population conversion

In population conversion the two files "Provinces.txt" and "Cultures.txt" are very important. Every EU2 province in "Provinces.txt" has one or many Victoria provinces that it converts to. The same EU2 province is found in "Cultures.txt", and here it is assigned a culture and a religion. The culture and religion are translated to Victoria format, they are the starting values from EU2 (as closely as possible...). This is the basic concept of population conversion. Every EU2 province that has a city population in an unchanged EU2 province gets their Victoria provinces (according to "Provinces.txt") converted to the culture and religion found for that EU2 province in "Cultures.txt". An unchanged EU2 province is a province that hasn't gotten it's culture or religion changed during the EU2 game. If either culture or religion are changed, the starting culture/religion becomes a minority (approximately 70 - 30, it varies depending on numerous factors. Some areas do not get a minority population, the whole population is changed if EU2 population is changed.).

Example: If England has colonized Winisk which has a Cree basic population, culture and religion in Winisk will change as a result of this. When the EU2 save game is converted, british will become the dominant population and Cree will become a minority. Whichever religion England had when territory was converted will be the dominant religion, and pagan will be the minority religion. (This only applies to city induced population).

The population is added in two rounds. In the first round the population from all the cities are added. In the second round the territories that are not populated and the provinces with the tag "extra" are populated (if they had a city it is populated in the first round and then they get their extra population added in the second round too. I.e. the extra population is not added to city population in the first round.).

Different EU2 areas get different modifiers when calculating population. China for example gets a higher modifier than the rest...

Every EU2 territory has a Victoria main province. The main province is always the first Victoria province in the "Provinces.txt" file. This province gets a higher population than the rest of the provinces within the EU2 territory.

In the first round POPs are added in the following manner. If a main territory: It gets 1% clergymen (minimum 1000) if population is above 8,000. Soldiers, aristocrats, officers and capitalists are added if the population is over 20,000. Soldiers 5% (8% if conscription center), aristocrats 5% if theprovince has a Baliff or have more than 100,000 pops, officers 1% if the province has Courthouse or have more than 300,000 pops (+2.5% if conscription center), capitalists 1% if province has Govenor or have more then 250,000 pops (+2% if manufactory) All this added from the dominant culture of the territory.

If a province is a national province and the province does not contain any of the cultures that are state cultures, a few percentage state culture is added to that province.

Clerks and craftsmen are added if a territory has a manufactory or population over 500,000, and if the territory has a manufactory it has to have a population over 15,000 (undistributed). And then you get 4% clerks (minimum 1000) and 12% craftsmen (minimum 1000) from the dominant population of the territory, and 12% (minimum 1000) craftsmen from the minority population.

The rest are farmers/labourers. The dominant population gets 70% and the minority 30%. If the minority is 10,000 or more the minority culture/religion also gets 1000 clergymen.

In the second round every EU2 province that wasn't populated and EU2 provinces with an extra tag ((not <=0) and (not 1)) get their population added. The EU2 territories that are 2000 or higher populates terra incoqnito provinces, and adds cultures and religions that could not be converted from EU2.

Using the extra tag or creating new 2000 territories (or both), there is a possibility to add more population and/or cultures/religions to the converted game.

To create a new 2000 provnice; One, open the file "Provinces.txt" and add a EU2 province nr at the bottom of the file. This new EU2 province nr must be over 2000 (this is very important, else the actual province conversion can falter). Then assign the Victoria province id(s) you want your new culture to be in after a conversion. Two, open "Cultures.txt" and at the bottom of the province_culture section use the EU2 province nr you used in step one. There you assign it a culture and a religion. Now your newly added culture will appear in specified provinces after a conversion. If you want more POPs (the default nr is 2000-4000 in every Victoria province that were specified previously, depending on if it's the first Victoria province in your id list or not) you can use the "extra" tag. What it does is multiply the number you put with 2000-4000.

It is possible to add extra population (that is adding population using the extra tag or creating a new 2000 province, or both) and make it become a certain POP type (officers, aristocrats etc.). This is done by using the type tag in addition to the extra tag or the 2000 province in the file "Cultures.txt". All POPs added will become POPs of that type.


(Click images to view them full-size)


File:Eu2Vic 11a.JPG
EU2: Europe and North Africa, the country's money, victory points, culture and religion
File:Eu2Vic 1b.JPG
Vicky: Europe and North Africa, country's money, prestige, culture and religion


File:EU2Vic 2A.jpg
EU2: here Mughal Empire, China and the european colonial domains can be seen
File:EU2Vic 2B.jpg
Vicky: Asia, and the vast uncolinized territory, also China, colonial domains and the indian power, Mughalistan

North America

File:EU2Vic 3A.jpg
EU2: American tribes and colonial powers occupy the land
File:EU2Vic 3B.jpg
Vicky: All the american indians are united under one flag and the colonial powers see the chances of more land to colonize


File:EU2Vic 4A.jpg
EU2: You can see the armies and the manufactories in each province of the country
File:EU2Vic 4B.jpg
Vicky: Here you see the armies in the exact provinces they were left, also you can see the factories in the state that match with the ones in EU2