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///Still a Work in Progress///

EU3toRev is a save game conversion utility produced to convert EU3 savegames into the Victoria format. A EU3 savegame from any date can be converted, but the target Victoria date is always 1836, the year the Grand Campaign starts. The converter tries to convert held and national provinces, capitals, ports, badboy, prestige, money, factories, armed forces (excluding artillery), literacy ratings, national values, governments and POPs from EU3 to Victoria as closely as possible. Some things that could have been converted have been deliberately left out, such as wars and controlled provinces; it did not feel feasible to program for (at minimum) 1820-1836 wars as too much would change during that time. Remember that by editing the defines.txt file you can change the EU3: IN/HTTT end date.

The converter in it's present state converts savegames from Vanilla/NAx, InNomine and HTTT to Victoria: Revolutions. Partial support for conversion from MagnaMundi Platinum and MagnaMundi Gold 2 and to Victoria: Empire under the Sun is also included.

Download Location: [1] or [2] Forum Thread:

This converter would not have been possible without the work of many apart from myself. MichaelM, MontyP, Sid Meier and others for work on initial converters and for gathering interest. Seimuun for the main province and country converter. English Patriot, thrashing mad and many volunteers for their work on their monotonous but crucial work on province lists. ladybug for the factory converter and many others for their input and suggestions.


1. Extract the contents of this folder to an empty folder of your choice with at least 200MB free space. Place the EU3 savegame you are aiming to convert in this folder AND NO OTHER .eu3 FILES.

2. Copy the contents of the Utilities folder in the .rar into the same folder you used for part 1. Information about these files can be found at and they all covered by open source licenses (

3. Open eu3mmptorev.bat in a text editor like notepad and edit the following lines: set InstallDirectory="C:\Program Files\Paradox Entertainment\Victoria" <- Change this to your Victoria directory location. set Version=InNomine <- Change InNomine to MMP if you are converting from that or Vanilla if you are converting from EU3 without the InNomine expansion, otherwise leave it alone. set Debug=Off <- Leave it alone unless you know how to troubleshoot dos batch files.

4. Double-click on the eu3mmptorev.bat file.

5. In the popup window that should appear select the link package you need, navigate to and open your eu3 file and then press convert(converting may take some time).

6. Once the converting process has finished proceed in the CMD window, pressing keys when you are prompted to.

7. Run Victoria and select the converted file (name will be the same as that of your EU3 save game) from the saved games list and load it as an insignificant nation, let the game run until day 2 and then save it. You may then load this saved game and play it using your preferred nation.

If you are having any difficulties or have any unanswered questions or you would like to make any suggestions don't be afraid to comment on the Forum Thread:

Q&A: Under Construction

Q1. Why aren't any artillery regiments converted?

A1. EU3 includes a bug which means that the AI does not upgrade its artillery. Because of this the conversion of artillery would only result in the player getting Victoria artillery and would be unfair. MMP fixes this bug so artillery unit conversion from it is allowed.