How to bring civilization to the uncivilized

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There are three requirements to become civilised:

  • A MIL score of 10
  • An IND rating of 50
  • 100 Prestige.

These are not easy requirements, by any means; not all uncivilised nations are capable of satisfying them.

Country-specific routes to civilization

  • China can do it relatively easily, given some starting industrial techs - which, it should be noted, are not a given in MP play.
  • Japan has an event chain leading to civilised status in 1860 (at the earliest).
  • Egypt will get the MIL score for free in the event The Second Oriental Crisis, and should be able to get most of the prestige in the ensuing war with the Ottomans. Unless you can ensure strong support from France, though, this is strictly an SP tactic (and nation).
  • Korea, with its large population, might be able to industrialise sufficently with some shrewd tech trades; in MP, though, you are simply waiting to be gobbled up by the Europeans.
  • Persia, will get a series of events with the first one in 1836 and another one in 1849 where England will give you a heap of techs, at the cost of stability, if you survive to 1849 you will get the choice to civilize or not.

Most other uncivilised nations are overachieving just by surviving to 1920; if you manage civilised status as well, consider yourself a Vicky genius.


The Score needed to civilize

  • 25 Military Score
  • 75 Industry Score
  • 100 Prestige (Remains Unchanged)


If you are playing the Victoria Improvement Project (and you should) the requirements for civilizing change. Instead of score it requires the following:

The Score

  • 10 Prestige
  • 6 Military Score

The techs

  • Early Railroad
  • Ad-hoc money bill printing
  • Market Structure
  • Army Professionalism
  • Naval Professionalism
  • Iron Steamers
  • State & Government
  • Empiricism

The Inventions

  • Ministerial Government (You need State & Government and Empiricism for it to trigger)

Once these prerequisites are fulfilled you should be on your way to civilizing, but since the civilizing event isn't actually an event, but an invention it may take some time before it triggers. So have patience.