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In Victoria, pops can have six different political ideologies. Many aspects of the game effect what ideology a pop will have. This page will attempt to discuss exactly what each ideology is, how it is effected, and how it effects your pops in general.

This information is for Victoria. If you are looking for information ideologies for Victoria: Revolutions, look at Government Forms, Political Parties, and Political Reforms in Victoria: Revolutions

Types of Ideology

As has already been stated, there are six different types of political ideologies.

They are:

  • Conservatism
  • Liberalism
  • Socialism
  • Reactionary (extreme variant of Conservatism)
  • Anarcho-Liberalism (extreme variant of Liberalism)
  • Communism (extreme variant of Socialism)

However the latter three are each variants of the former three, respectively. In other words, reactionary is an extreme variant of conservatism, anarcho-liberalism is an extreme variant of liberalism and communism is an extreme variant of socialism.


Conservatism is an ideology which defines those who try to preserve tradition. Generally speaking conservatives are slow to change and sometimes can resist change.

In Victoria certain pops tend to, everything else being equal, have a conservative ideology. Aristocrats, Officers, Clergy, Soldiers, Farmers and Labourers all will default to conservatism.

However a pop's ideology can easily change if the pop is unhappy. Therefore if a conservative pop is over-taxed and/or over-tariffed they will change their ideology will change to liberal, or if it's later in the game socialist.

Conservative pops will also incur a positive militancy modifier if another ideology is in government. So if a liberal government is in power, conservatives might grow more militant, in search of change.

If a conservative pop's militancy rises above 7, it will turn to the extreme form; reactionary.


Liberalism is defined as a political tradition which holds liberty as its primary value. Liberalism generally represented middle class people and did not represent Aristocracy.

Capitalists, Clerks and craftsmen generally have a liberal ideology and so they will usually have such an ideology to begin with.

Liberals, if over-taxed and/or over-tariffed cannot change to conservatives. They can only change to socialists like so, and this is impossible early in the game.

Just like conservative pops, if another ideology is in power, liberals will incur a positive miltiancy modifier which may lead to their militancy growing.

If a liberal pop's militancy rises above 7, it will turn to the extreme form; anarcho-liberal.


Socialism is an ideology which ideals are social equality and equal distribution of wealth. Socialism represents the proletariat, working-class people.

Socialism does not exist in Victoria at the start of the game, however socialism appears some time after the end of the Liberal revolution. Socialism as a result will only become a likely problem late in the game. If your pops are over-taxed or over-tariffed, whether their ideology be conservative or liberal they will eventually become socialist. Also a lack of social reforms will spur on the spread of socialism in your country.

Only certain pop types can turn socialist; farmers, labourers, craftsmen, clerks and soldiers.

Some people say having socialism governments in power is not such a bad idea. They say if you over-tax your pops, they won't become unhappy, since they will not change ideology. However whether this is true or not is inconclusive.

If a socialist pop's militancy rises above 7, it will turn to the extreme form; communism.

Extreme Ideologies

The three extreme ideologies are reactionary, anarcho-liberal & communism. If your pops start changing their ideology into these ones, then you are obviously not looking after your militancy. Due to their militancy, these pops are more likely to revolt and it can be very hard to get their militancy back down if they are of extremist ideology.

Changing your government to an extremist ideology will help lower their militancy modifier. However it may not be the solution to lowering militancy in general and may in fact lead to a greater growth in militancy among the other ideologies.