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Official pages

Offical pages @ Paradox

General information about the game and releated material. Of special note, the page containing patches


Victoria forums

The offical Paradox forums is the place to go for discussing Victoria and getting answers to any questions you might have that VickyWiki leaves unanswered. Also useful for reporting bugs and getting technical support, and for finding out what's happening on the modding scene.

Victoria Multiplayer forums

The place to go, if one should seek a Victoria Multiplayer game

SI games (German)

German Victoria forums hosted at Strategycon Interactive.



Domain of Lord Ederon

Downloads, links, galleries and original programs.


Victoria en Español. Toda la información y ayuda del juego de estrategia más completo del mercado, en tu idioma.

Modding Victoria

Working with Victoria

This is a site set up by Havard that basically tells you all you need to know in order to modify Victoria .

The Victorian Flag Directory

XieChengnuo's flagsite where you can find just about any Victorian flag you've ever thought about (and lots you haven't), including info on how to make your own and use them. Also note the flag request thread at the Paradox forums.

Historic sites


Wikipedia offers a wealth of information, including on topics related to the Victoria Era. The sky's the limit for what you can find there!