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One of the things that sets Paradox games apart from the rest is the ability players have to modify the game to their liking in all sorts of ways. Victoria is no exception to this. In the articles on this page you will find pages that describe modifications that can be made to the game. There are also a few of the more popular articles which describe some of the results of modifications which people have done to date.

  Mods and Modding

Modding in general

Modding events

Contains descriptions of the event files, including references to triggers and event commands.

Modding POPs

Contains information on how to modify POPs

Modding AIs

Contains information on how to modify the AI behavior.

Modding Leaders

How to add/modify the non-generic leaders in the game.

Modding unit names

How to add/modify the default unit names in the game.

Modding guides

Modding scenarios

A walkthrough of what you need to know to edit a scenario definition file.

Guide to Making Your Own Country

AKA Pimparel's "Even More Dumber's Guide to Make Your Own Country"

Another guide to Making your own country

For those who don't want to change their nations name, or scenery files, but just care for some fun

Make your own event pictures!

(By Zuckergußgebäck)

List of Score Screen Leader Pictures

Tired of looking at Teddy Roosevelt? Here are your other options!

Specific mods

New events and tweak mods

Mods that add stuff.

Bug fixing mods

Mods that fix stuff.

Victoria Improvement Project (VIP)

The grand-daddy of all mods.

Southern Revolutions

Enhancements/Bugfixes for the CSA plus WWI-triggering events for Victoria: Revolutions.

The Worldwide Era of Peace

This mod brings Victoria into the years 1919-1936, with new countries to play as and new history to create.

Mod Colony

Brings Victoria into the modern era, more specifically covering the last half of the 20th century (1950-2000). Deceased, but its team members have joined the MDS team

Rise and Fall of Empires

Brings Victoria back to the days of the Roman Empire.

Modern Day Scenario

The Modern Day Scenario for Victoria is from 1952-2007. The main objective is to "win" the Cold War as either the United States or the Soviet Union. Whoever "loses" breaks up into breakaway republics. Winning is determined by your influence on the world stage.Download!

1815 mod

A mod that starts in 1815 and lets you reshape the post-napoleonic world.

Useful Tools


Many mods are RARed, which compresses text files better than Zipping them. You'll need a free program called WinRAR to open them.

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