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Decided to put together a definitive list of the ships in Victoria Revolutions by comparing the ship.txt files and what ships they actually are in-game:


Cruiser.txt = Protected Cruiser

Modern_cruiser.txt = Light Cruiser

Early_cruiser.txt = Advanced Cruiser

Late_cruiser.txt = Modern Cruiser

heavy_cruiser.txt = OBSOLETE


battleship.txt = Pre-Dreadnoughts

dreadnought.txt = Dreadnoughts

Early_Battleship.txt = Advanced Battleship

late_battleship.txt = Modern Battleship


early_battlecruiser.txt = Battlecruiser

late_battlecruiser.txt = Advanced Battlecruiser

battlecruiser.txt = OBSOLETE


submarine.txt = Submarine

Even though there are many upgrading submarine inventions, there are no new submarine units. The inventions simply give the submarine unit better values.


Greatwar_carrier.txt = Experimental Carrier

Early_carrier.txt = Converted-Hulk Carrier

late_carrier.txt = Purpose-Built Carrier

As for earlier ships and attachments, they are straight forward when interpreting the units folder, so don't need any further explanation.