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These are mods which add something new to the game. Some may also fix bugs, but the main purpose of these mods is to give you new events.

Darkrenown's German unification mod

A mod affecting much about creating Germany.

The Flag Selection Mod

Allows a human to select a flag and/or assign a random one to AI nations.

The Military Determinism Mod

A mod that allows players to choose which military attitude and doctrines their military should follow, rather than getting them at random.

Rafiki's Corporate Structure Mod

A mod that allows players to choose which corporate structure they go for, rather than getting one at random.

Darkrenown's Flag Changing Event

Changes a country's flag to the one reflective of its government type when that change has not come about through a revolution.

Revolution mod

Changes the the effects of revolutions to affect reforms.

Darkrenown's Grab Bag of Events

A mod affecting much about creating Germany.

Deltren's Not So Private Initiative Mod

A mod so you have other choices for the Private Initiative Event. Based on VIP .04.

TheLoneTaco's Ideological Thought Mod

A mod that gives the player (and AI) options when the otherwise deterministic Ideological Thought events fire.