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written by Gotikiller to Version 1.00 May 10, 2007


Vikki Pop Splitter is an application written in C# to parse a Victoria save file for pops, splits said pops, and then resave the save file with the newly split pops to a new save game file that you selected before the conversion began.

  • NOTE* I am not sure what will happen if you tell the convert to write to the save file whose pops you want to be split. So please make sure to select a different save file or save file name than the file that you input to be parsed.


This program is pretty straight forward, but just in case you need a little tutorial, here it is:

1. Open Pop Splitter

2. Click Select File. An open file dialog box will open up. Select the file which you want to parse. Click Open

3. Click Begin. A save file dialog box will then open up. Input a file name for the outputted save file. Click Save.

4. Wait a few seconds... and you are ready to go =). A message box should pop up and make a beep sound when the splitting is done.

updated by Gotikiller to Version 2.00 June 2, 2007

Whats new in Version 2.00:

The main difference in version 2.0 is that I included a config text file that will split the pops of all the country's whose country tags are listed in it. Put the country's tags in one per line and it should work fine.

I hope you enjoy.

updated by Gotikiller to Version 3.00 July 17, 2007

Whats new in Version 3.00:

Just fixed some bugs in version 2.00.