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Many of these pages are currently located outside VickyWiki. We are in the process of integrating the non-wiki overviews into VickyWiki, but this will still take some time.

Overviews and statistics


A list of cheat codes that can be used to get extra resources, cash, reduce militancy etc.

Combat Modifiers

The combat modifiers that affect battles.

Crime and Corruption

Crime and Corruption effects and how to get rid of them. Additionally, the effect of crime fighting spendings on the revolt risk is explained.

List of tags

List of all national tags for use in events and modding

Culture group list

Overview of all cultures and whether they are considered to be "long-range" or "short-range"

Industrial Overview

Gives an overview of how much the various factories/RGOs cost, which techs activate them and some other relevant information.

Leader Traits

Shows how the various leader traits affect the units commanded by a given leader.

Music Listing

The tunes of Victoria.

Production Flow Chart

Shows the flow of resources through your production system; which resources that can be used in the production of other resources etc.

Reforms, their costs and their effect on militancy

Shows the cost and the effect of political and social reforms.

Shortcut keys

It is a must to be familiar with the shortcut keys, otherwise you'll end up with deep frustration and carpal tunnel syndrome before 1840... ;)


Shows all the different applications you can research and inventions you can get, including prerequisites and effects.

Unit Overview

Shows the statistics for the various unit types and attachments. The statistics are also available at the Paradox forums.

Unit Progression Overview

Shows how unit combat statistics and supply costs evolve over time with military research.

Exported games



Overviews of the provinces in the game, ordered by assorted criterea:

The provinces divided by continents, regions and states.
The provinces ordered by their ID.
The provinces ordered by their name.
Provinces ordered by resource, Cattle through Iron.
Provinces ordered by resource, Opium through Wool.
Provinces that will eventually begin producing oil.


Due to the increased number of Maps, they have been moved to a seperate article.

Calculations and formulaes

How research options are selected

AKA "The throroughly methodical Traditional Academic Circle"

POP Income Formulae

Describes how each POP's income is calculated.

POP Spending Habits

Explains how POPs spend their income and buy goods from the World Market.

Score and Ratings Calculations

Explains how the overall score and the PRE/IND/MIL ratings are calculated.

Production Output

Explains how the output of RGOs and factories are calculated.

Research point generation

Describes how research points are calculated.